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  • Irregular Magic High School (Anime) Review

    Irregular Magic High School Anime Review

    : Minor spoilers are present; they are marked.

    Irregular Magic High School

    Before I watch any anime, I read the plot from the manga or light novel it was based off of. This anime sounded like it would be great with the jam packed action and trying to defy someone above you as well as trying your hardest to fit in with society. While reading therewas some talk about how the relationship of the main two characters would pan out, as they were brother and sister. In the first place, the idea, didn’t turn me away but I stayed open minded to the potential outcome.


    Plot Irregular Magic High School

    Irregular Magic High School

    In future Japan in 2095, there are schools that focus on Magic. Instead of using spells, these magicians use a Casting Assistant Device, or known as a CAD, to perform various specialties in magic. These CADs using psions, that are found in the air, to use and depending on how you can use these particles, determines your status in school as well as what degrees you can get in college. That is where Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba couldn’t be anymore different. They attend a private magic school called First High in which you have to take 2 standardized tests before you start class that determines your placement. Miyuki is placed in Course 1 and Tatsuya in Course 2. As the negative feelings toward Course 2 students cause havoc in the school, Tatsuya and Miyuki try their best to keep it under tabs with the help of the Student Council and the Public Morals Commitee. As one event leads to another secrets are reveled and not everything is what is seems. As the siblings try to protect their school and friends, can they keep the fact that they are related to the Ten Master Clans?


    Characters of Irregular Magic High School

    Irregular Magic High School

    Tatsuya Shiba

    Irregular Magic High School

    The older son of the known Yotsuba sisters; however this is a secret to the world. It is commonly mistaken that he is twins with Miyuki but he is born in March and she was born a year later in April, making them in the same grade Tatsuya was born unable to use conventional magic but, when he was very young, his mother used her unique magic to perform mental surgery on him which gave him the ability to use conventional magic at a very basic level. A side effect of the surgery he lost his ability to feel any emotions strongly (with the exception of his love for Miyuki) and the unnatural ability to read activation sequences. Due to this ability to read sequences, he is recognized by the Student Council and the Public Morals Committee. From birth he has what is two super power magical abilities, forms of decompositionand reconstruction. This concept is very deadly and the knowledge of him obtaining is classified.He is skilled in martial arts and received lots of animosity for being the first Course 2 student in the Public Morals Committee. Outside the school life, he is a world known engineer by the nameMr. Sliver. Since he is under the care of the Yotsuba Clan, they dictate what he can and can’t do in terms of what is known to the public. He is often perceived as being cold and can’t take any positive praise well so in which Miyuki likes to gloat about him to see is aware of how stronghe is.


    Miyuki Shiba

    Irregular Magic High School

    The daughter and youngest of the children that the known Yotsuba sister had. She is a prodigy in magic and school work making her name known as a secretary in the student council as well as being the class representative for placing first in the entrance exam. She is often seen being jealous when it comes to Tatsuya and assumes the worst in terms of relationships. It is implied that her feelings are deeper then the normal sister ­brother bond. She specializes in temperature control magic which often leaks out because she is unable to control it. Later is was revealed that she placed a limiter not only on herself, but on her brother as well to help control the psions they release. This means that she actually is much stronger then what the show leads us to believe. Miyuki is one of the heir apparent to the Yotsuba family which strives on mental magic; which is a huge controversy. To keep this a secret the last names of Tatsuya and Miyuki are different to protect her: Shiba instead of Yotsuba.


    Ending thoughts Irregular Magic High School

    Irregular Magic High School

    This anime was very great in terms of combat and battling with the social aspect of what should be thought of someone depending on their grade or status. The whole magic concept was confusing to understand due to how they explain it in the show. When they did explain went by so fast I had to pause to take it all in. I like how there is also a lot more to it just being “Magic”. There are different types as well as how it can be use which pertains to each person or family. As for the relationship between the siblings­(**Spoiler**) can’t happen. Even if Miyuki felt love for her brother more then being siblings, Tatsuya is incapable to actually love her any more or less then a sister. If this was the main reason for being hesitant to watching this show, don’t let it. Before the anime takes place, there was an event in which Mikyuki should have died and in which Tatsuya saves her. Due to this situation her feelings toward him can be more adoration then the story tries to let us believe. (**Spoiler over**) I don’t like how the anime perceived this two to be more like lovers then siblings because that is not how it really is.

    ­As a side note, I found that the light novel for this anime series, explains a lot of ideas that are hard to decipher in the show. If this anime peaks your interests I would highly suggest reading the light novel. After you watch the anime.

    Rating: 7/10 little blood is shown. Few swear words and minimal sexual ideas are present.