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  • Maid Cafe: Welcome Home Master/Mistress

    Maid Cafe: Welcome Home Master/Mistress

    Maid Cafe

    Hehe, yes, Gin is tackling the ‘Moe’ subject of Maid Cafes! They are also known as Meido Kissa or Medo Kafe. Maid Cafes are the subcategory of a series of cosplay restaurants that are predominantly found in Japan. In the cafes, maids or waitresses will address their customers as master or mistress, acting in the role of an innocent wide-eyed servant/maid. The first Maid Cafe was founded in 2001 in Akhibara, Tokyo, Japan. It was called Cure Maid Cafe. Since then the rise in popularity of Maid Cafes has spread to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, Europe, and many more areas of the globe.


    Maid Costumes

    Maid costumes vary depending on the cafes. Some may dress in traditional Japanese clothing, such as Yukatas, but other choose the traditional French maid uniform.


    Head Bow
    Frilled Headband
    Even Animal Ears

    Waitresses at Maid Cafes are chosen based on their outward appearances. In extreme cases, some Maid Cafes will have males cross dress as maids.


    Customers of Maid Cafes

    Maid Cafes predominantly cater to the fantasies of male otakus (proper otakus) and fans of anime, manga, and video games. It is not uncommon to see families, high school girls, adult women, business men, and curious foreigners.
    People such as anime fans or otakus come to experience the ‘Moe’ of Maid Cafes. “Moe’ has many different translations, but in this case it is used as adorable.


    Food of Maid Cafes

    Maid Cafe

    he food is similar to the normal cafe food, however, it does include the popular omelet rice, decorated by the maid with ketchup. Imagine the scene in Kaichou wa Maid-Sama.
    This omelet rice, omu-rice, is an incredibly popular dish. It is a favorite for young children.


    Maid Cafe Etiquette

    Maids will generally  greet customers, “Welcome Home Master/Mistress.”
    There are rules mostly for the customers, posted somewhere in view. The general rules are: no photographs of the maids, can not ask for contact details, can not touch the maids, and no stalking. These rules are in place for the privacy of the maids.
    Photographs of the maids are often given out to the customers (for a fee) which are decorated by the said maid.


    Maid Cafes

    Maid Cafe

    Cure Maid Cafe

    This cafe offers a Victorian maid fantasy, where customers are surrounded by an abundance of greenery and classical music in the background. However, as the maids do not break their decorum and engage in chats with the customers, the casual visitor may get bored easily.

    Home Cafe: Moe Maid Heaven

    The atmosphere is more casual and the maids tend to be a great conversationalist. However, the cafe is very popular and on some days can be queued for 2 hours.

    Cos-cha: Back to School

    This cafe is famous for the cosplay of costumes including the well known school-swimsuit day. Their funny service of spoon feeding can cost up to ¥500 and ¥2500.

    Nagomi: The Little Sister Cafe

    The maids are dressed in frilly outfits and address customers as ‘big brothers’ or ‘big sister.’


    Here the girls dress up as boys and strut their stuff.


    For those in America, there seems to be a Maid Cafe in Chinatown, NY on Centre ST.


    Weird Services:

    Ear Cleaning
    Board Games
    Spoon Feeding
    Many More


    The rapid increase of popularity for Maid Cafes is the result of the Anime/Manga industry. The continuous hype has meant that Maid Cafes have a rather stable balance for the future. Even Anime/Manga such as Kaichou wa Maid-Sama have raised awareness of Maid Cafes and we all love a bit of Usui and Misaki!

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