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  • Gin’s Take On: Aladdin

    Gin’s Take On: Aladdin

    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.


    Don’t let his size fool you, this little midget is a cornucopia of power. He is one of the five magis in his current era and is known as Solomon’s Proxy. This is due to his role of preventing what occurred at alma thoran.


    Gin’s Take


    Aladdin is the main protagonist of Magi and is first introduced as the owner of the Djinn Ugo. He escapes the room of fortitude and takes a long journey with another. As a magi, Aladdin has the task of choosing the next king, a king that will follow a righteous and beneficial path for his people. As the fifth magi discovered in the era, he symbolizes a new change, as there have never been five magis in each generation. As a results it suggest a upheaval or new era.

    In terms of comic relief, his character is naive, however, in certain points of the story he shows wisdom and insight to dilemmas or problems. It is stated by Alibaba that Aladdin has ‘Manly Interests’ and this may be because the two often visited brothels? That and the fact that Aladdin enjoys groping women with large soft breasts. Gosh he sounds lovely haha.

    What strikes the reader most is the connection to the stories of Ali Baba/Aladdin, a djinn is essentially like a Genie, and as a result able to grant wishes. In Magi, as the room of fortitude slowly collapses Ugo offers Aladdin a wish. Rather than wishing for materialistic desires, Aladdin wishes that Ugo to be his friend. This simple action already defined Aladdin’s character conveying how his mind is pure and selfless even if it is to an extent. Essentially, the beginning of the storyline creates the belief that it is about a young boy who is having his first taste of freedom and adventure, but with a twist, he has a djinn companion. Aladdin later befriends another character who goes by the name Alibaba, this character will then go on to being one of Aladdin’s best friends and pivotal to the storyline. Alibaba is also Aladdin’s choice of King and he has to take part in the competition. Their friendship begins in their first dungeon capture.

    The next main character they meet in the first few chapter is Morgianna, she first highlights one of the defining themes of darkness: slavery.
    Aladdin, despite being selfless and possibly naive at times, is always conscious of his decisions, for example when Sinbad, the king of Sindria, and a very powerful man, an owner of many metal vessels, offered to let Aladdin to stay in Sindria for a bit longer. Aladdin declined. It is suggested that he doesn’t fully trust Sinbad. For good reasons, as the King is powerful and has half white and black rukh.
    Despite being the main protagonist and showing many shōnen cliches such as heavy eating, selflessness and a strong belief in friendship, his small quirks, such as his size and pervy outbursts are perfect for comic relief. Similarly due to being locked up in the room of fortitude for so long, his naivety shows when he enters the wider world.

    As a magi, Aladdin is highly skilled with rukh manipulation but even as a magi he is extremely powerful. A trait that I admire in most characters in their will to improve and to stretch their limits. Aladdin didn’t fail me. In the Magnostadt Arc, he goes undercover to tackle on his own insecurities about his magic, furthermore, I believe his clash with Judar, another Magi, highlighted his inefficiency with magic.
    Aladdin also has the Power of Solomon, the ability to communicate with rukh, living and dead. To many this is know as omniscience, also known as being all-knowing, an ability that is associated with God. This suggests that this technique is like that of a God. As God is seen as the entity of power and peace, this ability of Aladdin suggests that he has mote authority and is closer to the all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving powers of God.


    Judar: Aladdin’s Rival


    Also viewed as one of Aladdin’s greatest rivals. He is a ‘dark’ magi and used a black rukh. He surrendered to the darkness though. His back story is horrifying yet Judar has come to terms with it and feels no remorse, symbolizing how cold he has become. His past was revealed in his clash with Aladdin. He is shown to be shaken after his experience but moves on, stating it had no effect on him.


    Gin’s Verdict on Aladdin


    Aladdin’s selflessness and path for greater good really lures the reader in. For the most part not only is the storyline unique in its own way, but the art suits it perfectly. Aladdin’s character design is marvelous. Making it easier to empathize with his character, Ohtaku Shinobu (author) did a wonderful job in Aladdin’s character development. he keeps him mysterious yet enough to keep the suspense lasting about his past.

    A lovely character and one of my favorites and not only because he’s adorable!


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