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  • Success at Shonen Jump

    Success at Shonen Jump

    Shonen Jump

    Well known and often incredibly popular animes and mangas have their roots in Shonen Jump. Such examples are One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach.
    Weekly Shonen Jump is a weekly Shonen Manga anthology published by Shueisha under the jump series. Weekly Shonon Jump is the most popular magazine in the jump series and is also mentioned in animes such Gintama or featured in Bakuman.


    Getting Serialized in Shonen Jump

    Shonen Jump


    Treasure Award

    The Treasure Award is open for anyone and is a great chance for new artist to enter and gain experience or if luck is on their side. This prize is awarded every month. The winner receives a lot of prize money and at least one work will receive up to 300,000 yen in prize money.

    Even if you do not win the Treasure Award, you can get an honourable mention if the manuscript was impressive. Getting into the final selection also means the participant receives 50,000 yen. Entrants who almost make int into the final selection can get their names published in the magazine.

    Furthermore, successful entrants, honourable mentions, runner ups, and winners will get invited to two award ceremonies that take place in Tokyo twice a year.


    Other Awards

    Tezuka Award

    A semi annual award that is given to new manga artists in the story manga category. It is on its 87th year.

    Katsuka Award

    A semi annual award for gag manga and rewards those in the comedy manga category. It is on its 80th year.

    All manuscripts must be done in Japanese. So for those foreigners who want to be serialized in Shonen Jump, must know Japanese.


    Process of Serialization

    Shonen Jump

    For an author to be featured in the Shonen Jump Magazine and get paid, they can either have won a competition or have submitted their work an editor in a small meeting.


    Won in Competition

    A meeting about the final winning work is submitted in a meeting at which a board of editors decide whether or not it should be serialized. Either that or the author has submitted a piece in a one on one meeting with an editor and they believe it is ‘worthy.’



    If the piece gets submitted into a meeting, ther are four possible outcomes: serializations, author is asked to revise and resubmit, gets one as a one-shot, or gets turned down and resubmit something else.


    Process for Publishing

    First the mangaka makes a name (rough draft). This name is then discussed with the editor and any changes will be jotted down.
    Then the work begins on the main manuscript. Light sketches and beta colors along with screen tones are written down for each panel.
    Inking is the next process. The mangaka works on inking in the rough draft.

    As the mangaka inks they may pass some sheets to the assistants for them to do the background.

    Once backgrounds are done, screen tones are added and the mangaka then discusses the next name/chapter. The details about the layout and panels will be confirmed.



    After the manga is published in Shonen Jump, reader surveys are completed and sent out back to jump.

    If a manga drops through the rankings too much, it will be droppped and cut.


    On that positive note, let’s end with a quote from Bakuman about manga:
    Darn Fukuda!!
    “You think this fluffy let’s-eat-a-giant-chocolate-cake-in-a-house-made-of-candy-surrounded-by-a-field-of-flowers story is the best?”
    -Shinta Fukuda


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