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  • Tenchi Muyo: Keys

    Tenchi Muyo: Keys

    This is an item that helps one access the power of Jurai by a Royal Tree. The user is bonded to a tree and no one else can use it without the bonders permission. The sap from the royal tree is processed and converted into jewelry (or other things) making the key. By using the key, the bonder has access to the Light Hawk Wings which happens to be a force that is extremely powerful.

    Types of Keys

    Master Key

    This key was created from the first generation of Royal Trees. They can control all tree ships and can create a sword by harnessing the Light Hawk Wings. Tenchi’s sword is a good example of harnessing the powerful force.


    This Master key is used by those bonded to Prince Yosho’s tree. This key can control most of the tree ships. Only those of Juraian noble blood can use this key. It is said to have been carved from Tsunami-no-ki’s branch, the first generation tree.

    Normal Keys

    Normal keys are used from trees that were grown after the trees of the first generation. Those who use these keys can create the Light Hawk Wings, but only for defensive purposes. They are clearly not as powerful as Master keys.