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  • Sacred Sword of X/1999

    Weapon of the Week: Sacred Sword of X/1999


    Warning: Major Spoilers!!

    The Sacred Sword is used by Kamui and Fuma in the series X/1999. The swords were hidden in two different people. One being Fuma’s mother, the other resides in Kamui’s aunt. Both Kamui and Fuma receive a sword, Kamui’s receives the one from Fuma’s mother and Fuma’s receives the one from Kamui’s aunt. They must use these swords for the final battle of heaven and earth.

    The kanji is translated to Shinken, which means a sword from god or a sword offered as a sacrifice for the gods. According to the Appcalypse texts, this sword symbolizes the will of God. It will be used for the launch of human chastisements. According to the Shinto texts, this sword is called a goshintai. It is a hidden object that is usually sacred. They are usually housed in Shinto Shrines since they represent an incarnation of the god they pray to.

    There is a Hebrew prayer inscribed on the sword:

    Barukh attah adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, she-ha-kol nihyeh bi-d’varo

    Praised are You, Lord God, King of the Universe, at whose Word all things come into being

  • Five Manga that should be Anime

    Manga that should be Anime

    Here is a list of five mangas that I feel deserve an anime adaption. I have thought carefully on this subject and only chose those that truly deserve the adaption. I have also stated why they should have an adaption and what studio would best adapt them.


    What is it about?

    NOA was an organization created to experiment on humans, attempting to reach the goal of a sorcery user. Now these humans use their ability to protect the people of the city. At the top if General Shiki and below him is Lady Sumire and Lord Hyde. Atsuma is a boy from the north. He traveled to NOA to find the okikurumi. He is infused with god called Kojomaru. He gets into NOA and becomes a student there. There he meets several people and becomes friends with a few of them. He soon finds himself fighting for a new purpose.


    Kamui is a really good series once you get into it. I really love the artwork as well. The many different characters and great spell attacks would go well in a 26-30 episode anime. The series really would deserve to have an anime.

    Studio: TYO Animations Inc.


    I really feel as though they could get the artwork correct. Before merging with Yumeta Company (and therefore creating TYO Animations), Hal Film Maker adapted Angel Sanctuary. They did a great job in creating the same art style.

    Cain Saga/Godchild

    What is it about?

    The series focuses on Cain Hargreaves. He is the son of Augusta, Alexis Hargreave’s elder sister, and abused by Alexis physicaly and emotionally. He makes friends with a servant called Riff. Cain begins to slowly poisen his father for the abuse. Before his father dies, he curses Cain to a life of solitude. He gains the title of Earl and his fathers inheritance. The manga moves foward to years later as Cain is seventeen. He and Riff solve mysteries and comes across Mary Weather. He assumes this to be his half-sister and adopts her into the family. He also has a half brother, Jizabel Disraeli that works for an organization called Delilah “doll” in which they attempt to resurrect the dead. He then sets out to end his brothers sick games and finds out another secret as well.


    Knowing that Black Butler is a very popular series, I feel as though this series would be the same. In a similar setting of old England and twisted plot to go with it, Kaori Yuki takes it to a newer (and creepier) level. This would be a great two season series, both having roughly 26 episodes. The first season would cover the Cain Saga while the second season would cover Godchild.

    Studio: MADHOUSE


    They do amazing job with occult/gothic animes. TYO Animations may have done a great job as well (Angel Sanctuary is a manga by Kaori Yuki as well). MADHOUSE would probably have a better chance of getting darkness right though.


    What is it about?

    The series follows health in the Middle Ages and how doctors took care of things. There was suppose to be a balance of the four humours: blood, phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Sickness was created when there was an unbalance of the four humours. There is one doctor who stands out amongst the others,Buzz Medil which is an Asklepios. He knows the practice of medicine and surgery thanks to his father. He also has a special eye to see what is wrong with the body. He embarks on a journey to set people straight and help those in need.


    This is an AMAZING series. I have not read a manga that captured my attention since Death Note. I would love to see this as an anime series. This would be a great 26 episode series.

    Studio: Toei Animation


    Seeing the animation they used for Sailor Moon Crystal, I thought that would be the best for Asklepios. They are a well known studio as well so the series would have a better chance of getting known.


    What is it about?

    The story follows what seems like an adolescent boy named Kazan. His entire clan is wiped out and he is in search of his lost friend, Eslie. As a sole survivor of the Red Sand Tribe, he wanders every day in the desert from town to town with his pet bird, Kamushin. He eventually meets up with a water princess named Fawna and an old woman named Arbey. The three travel together in search for the secret town of Goldene to find answers.


    The adventure is quite fun. The series has great characters, plot, subplots, and twists. Anyone who loves Fist of the North Star and Hunter X Hunter and well, any shojo, would love to watch this as an anime. Even though the series is 7 volumes, I feel this would be a great 52ish episode series. Of course that means fillers, but that would be fine in this case (as long as they were relevant and good).

    Studio: Toei Animation


    They did a great job with Fist of the North Star. Kazan is similar to that art style so they would do a great job. The stories are similar as well.


    What is it about?

    The story follows Kira Aso and Rei Kashino and how the two fall in love. Kira is a quiet girl who likes to draw while Rei is a bit of a wild boy into drugs and motorcycles. The two meet when Rei is asking for directions and instead of telling him, Kira draws a map and hands it to him. Later he finds her asks her to paint a picture and lends her his body for modeling. The two fall in love eventually and go through hell to be with each other.


    To be honest, I am not sure why Mars has not been adapted into an anime yet. The implied is great and so are the characters. Anyone who loves romance and drama would love this. I feel as though a 26 episode anime would do the series justice.

    Studio: Pierrot Co (Studio Pierrot)


    They did a great job with adapting Ayashi no Ceres and Fushigi Yugi. I feel they would be great at getting the adaption right with Mars as well.

    Bonus: Rec-kimi ga naita hi

    What is it about?

    Aizawa Minami is an awkward school girl when it comes to emotions. No one ever sees her cry and makes fun of her. She feels better recording things with her camcorder. Saroru is a teen actor that has recently retired to return to school. The two quickly become friends and Minami learns that Satoru is hiding something from his fans.


    This would be a great animated movie. It will capture your attention and leave you in tears at the end. Anyone who likes Clannad or Anohana will enjoy this heartbreaking manga as an anime adaption.

    Studio: A-1 Pictures


    They did a great job with Anohana, Black Butler, and Sword Art Online. Their animation style really fits with Rec-kimi ga naita hi.

  • The Apocalypse

    The Themes of X/1999

    There are many influences, themes, and motifs in the series of X/1999. CLAMP definitely knows how to do their homework and incorporate their previous works into the newer series. This series is heavily influenced by religious themes and backgrounds. Rather it is Christianity or Japanese religious shrines, it shows up quite often. There are also several places throughout Japan that show up. These are usually places that are part of everyday shrines and religious spots in Japan.


    Influences of X/1999

    X/1999 is heavily influenced by religion. The Chinese mythology of the Earth dragons were the concepts for the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven. This is shown more so in Chinese feng shui. the shifting Earth dragon causes the earthquakes when it is agitated. This is why the Earth is fated to be destroyed by the Dragons of Earth and their earthquakes.

    Since it is an apocalyptic genre anime, the religious influence plays a strong role to the series. There are various scenes and talk of Christian based things. CLAMP just adds their own modern tale to the story. The Apocalypse of John heavily influenced the series. Tokyo represents the modern-day city of Babylon and it is “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2 KJV) and therefore set to be destroyed.

    Kamui represents the figure of Christ. He is the one to save Tokyo and determine the fate of humanity. His title is allusive to his divine nature. The Dragons of Heaven, or the seven seals, are shown in the book of Revelation Chapter 5. The antagonist group of the Dragons of Earth are represented by Angels and “go [their] ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth” (Rev. 16:1 KJV). Their supercomputer, Beast, is branded with the demonic number of 666.

    The Gaia theory is also an influence on the series. The Earth is seen as a living organism and the end will be brought on due to the abuse humanity has done to Earth. The story is therefore a depiction of the Judgement Day. Humanity is nearly a nuisance to the living Earth and it is either be destroyed or destroy humanity to survive. The Angels wish to bring justice to Earth and destroy humanity. The seals are looking to save humanity and entrust the planets future to the people.


    Themes of X/1999

    The conflict between the two groups is the sole purpose of the plot. Therefore the series is mostly carried by the characters and ethical ideals. It also deals with societal issues much like Tokyo Babylon did. Since the series is set in the present time, the authors are allowed to comment and reflect on Japan’s affairs. Unlike Tokyo Babylon, X does not allow their characters to speak out loud what they are feeling about the ethical issues. Their values are only implied in their actions throughout the series.

    The characters focus on the individuals rather than the group. From the beginning, each character is destined to be part of the end fight of Earth. Each family of the Dragons of Heaven raised their child in order to protect Earth. They may feel sympathetic to the Dragons of Earth, but they still have to do what they think s right. The ability to summon their special kekkai, is their ability to fight the enemy. If they do not have the ability to fight, they can not use the kekkai.

    This is another series that focuses on mankind’s destruction of Earth/ Ohkawa (a member of CLAMP) explains how she fears the destructive relationship of mankind and the planet. She even says “people will save the Earth to save themselves, but who will risk themselves to save the Earth?”

    Motifs of X/1999

    X/1999 shows a sharing motif with literature that is apocalyptic, character concepts, and future events seen through dreams. They focus on what is greater than themselves. Since there are two Kamuis, the protagonist is given the choice between the two groups. He struggles each second to choose the right path to take not knowing there is someone else to fill the other spot.

    The doctrine of dualism is something that fascinates Ohkawa, and is therefore a theme that often appears in the series. The qualities of one person can make you love them, but the same qualities in another person can make you hate them. His name has two separate meanings, the one who represents God and the one who hunts God down. This is where his twin star comes into place. His friend Fuuma takes the place of the Dragons of Earth Kamui. Even further into the the theory of dualism is represented by the dreamgazer sisters, each on opposite sides.

    Dreams are another fascinating idea of Ohkawa. Within her writing it can be often seen that her characters often have prophetic dreams (X, XxxHolic). While in XxxHolic the dreams were parallel to their the world, X is about the future. Hinoto often feels she can change the future since she has the ability to see the future through dreams. Ohkawa says that this is called lucid dreaming, where the dreamer can perform the impossible through their dreams. Kakyo of the Dragons of Earth is another dreamgazer. He is always seeing the future, but knows he can not change it mostly since he is in a permanent coma.

    When Kamui arrives in Tokyo, the events to the end are set into motion. Knowing the sides to choose from, he ends up choosing the Dragons of Heaven in hopes to save the people he loves. Kotori inevitably dies and his best friend ends up on the opposite side. He fights against his fate, but other characters accept tehir fates. Sorata Arisugawa knows he will die protecting the woman he loves. He of course chooses Arashi Kishu to die protecting. Subaru Sumeragi has no interest at all in the fight for humanity. He and his opposite, Seishirou Sakurazuka, are both drawn to the apocalyptic fight only to face each other once again. Ohkawa felt that their desire to choose for right and wrong was represented best in their character control.


    Religious Locations Used in X/1999

    Mount Koya

    A Shingon sect headquarters of Japanese Buddhism (Sorata’s place of origin).

    Ise Shrine

    A shrine of Amaterasu in Japan (Arashi is a shrine maiden).

    Mitsumine Shrine

    A temple of Tendai sect Japanese Buddhism (Yuzuriha is a descendant).


    Terminology Used in X/1999

    Here is a list of mostly religious terminology that is used for the apocalypse in X/1999.

    Shadow Sacrifice – A paper (or wooden) doll used to represent people and do harm with magical nature. When someone harms the person that is protected by the shadow sacrifice, the doll will suffer instead. Kamui’s family line is able to act as a shadow sacrifice as part of the Magami clan.

    Sacred Sword- A reference to Kamui’s (and Fuuma’s) swords for the final battle. It is a Shinken which is a sword gifted by god and offered as a sacrifice to god as well.

    Dreamgazers – These people have a window into the future through dreams. This future is obviously unalterable though some try to alter it at times. The Japanese word yumemi is directly translated to “the one who has true dreams.” The dreams are part of the real world, but only the dreamgazers can cross into both places. It is said that these dreamgazers sacrifice physical abilities and health to see these dreams.

    Spiritual Barriers – A Buddhist tradition in which an energy protects a certain area by magic. When the barrier is up, any damage done to the area will return to normal. This is only if the person that created the barrier lives. If they die, the areas damage will remain. The barriers are also key ares that act as a larger barrier to protect Tokyo.


    Tokyo Barriers

    Nakano Sun Plaza, Sunshine 60, Yamanote Line/Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Highrises, Shibuya 109, Ebisu Garden Place, Rainbow Bridge, The National Diet Building, Ginza, Inokashira Park, Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Tokyo Tower.

  • Kamui (Manga) Review

    Kamui Manga Review

    Manga Volume One

    The only reason I picked Kamui up to read was because the main character looked like Clamps character Kamui from X/1999. The story is actually a little (a little) similar. The only thing I hated was that it seemed the climax of the story hit a little early and it just declines very slowly from that point. It just seems as if they couldn’t wait to get the secret out there. I will try my best to give a review while giving very little away.

    Kamui Plot


    The world has been through a few shocks and monsters called Atanan attack cities often. NOA was an organization created a little before this devastation. There they experimented on humans attempting to reach the goal of a sorcery user. Now these humans use their ability to protect the people of the city. At the top if General Shiki and below him is Lady Sumire and Lord Hyde. They each have their own objective in the organization. Shiki is the only one who gets orders from the true boss.

    Atsuma is a boy from the north. He traveled to NOA to find the okikurumi. The okikurumi is a god spirit that was stolen from his village. He is infused with another god called Kojomaru. He gets into NOA and becomes a student there. Lady Sumire was the one who insisted he joined. There he meets several people and becomes friends with a few of them. He soons finds himself fighting fot a new purpose.

    Kamui Characters

    Shiki, Atsuma, Aika, and Sumeri

    There are alot of characters involved in Kamuu. I am only going to name the main characters from the story. Atsuma is obviously the main character. He is a very isolated and has an abusive past. He is only in a contract with Kojomaru to become free. He meets Lady Sumire in a fight with an Atanan. She is a wind master and is very fierce. She uses men and does not consider the consequences at times. She is really only in love with one man though. Shui is a fire user in the NOA organization. He is a subordinate under Lady Sumeri and sees Atsuma as a younger brother. He watches over him and takes care of him. Aika is Lady Sumeri’s assistant. She is very attached to her because she took her in when Aika was nothing. General Shiki is at the top of NOA. He is in love with Sumeri and keeps her as a caged butterfly in the building. Lord Hyde is a very evil character but he is short lived. His underling Yanagi brings him back to life. Yanagi is actually the puppeteer in the relationship.

    Kamui NOA

    NOA from afar

    The NOA organization in the manga Kamui, was once a National Biological Research Center.NOA protected the city from the earthquake. Now it is under control of a new leader,. There they do research on guinea pigs. They test out power users and create them as well. NOA stands for Noble Offensive Academy. They protect the people from Atanan attacks. Here there are hundreds of students who are power users and are ranked by their ability. The supreme leaders are again, Shiki, Hyde and Sumeri.

    The basic plot of Kamui is actually very simple. Everyone needs a person to lean on at times. Every character has been abandoned by a loved one or just by everyone. Every character comes to terms with the loss and handle it in a different. way. By the end of the manga, some end up happy while others end up empty handed. The power of a relationship goes a long way to anyone.

    Read Kamui.

    Support Kamui.

    Overall Grade 7/10