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  • Japanese Fashion: Kigurumi

    Kigurumi: To Wear A Stuffed Toy

    In Japan they are street performer or costumers in entertainment in places like Disneyland. Fun fun!!
    The name Kigurumi comes from the words kiru (to wear) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy). Its quite cute me thinks!!

    Not exactly cosplay but still an animal costume or costumes of any kind that is usually worn from head to toe. Kigurumin is also a form of Japanese street fashion, it uses kigus as personal and casual dress!!

    What is great is that both guys and girls can wear Kigurumi and so both genders can enjoy sweet comforts!!

    What is a Kigurumi


    Kigurumi is a hooded onesie usually modeled after animals or something similar, say dragons and Pikachuu!!

    Kigrurmi’s allow people to bust the normal clothing conventions!! And owning a Panda onesie personally they are soo cute and fluffyyy!! And comfy!!

    Although I advise getting one in a good size, mine is a tad too baggy, darn genes!!


    Kigurumi’s have to be my favorite type of fashion, and the Japanese have it right!! Kigu’s don’t involve any makeup or any cosmetics it is a quick an easy slip in and out!!!

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