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  • Kitchen Princess (Manga) Review

    Kitchen Princess Manga Review

    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess
    I love shoujo, so when I found out about Kitchen Princess, I decided to try it out and it was actually very good. Revolving around cooking and the main character, Najika, trying to find her mysterious “Flan Prince”, I couldn’t help but find it a pleasant read despite the lack of character development.

    Plot of Kitchen Princess

    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess includes the typical happy go lucky heroine with her sad life of being an orphan and her being saved by a boy who she falls for. She decides to uncover his true identity, which ends up turning into a mere side quest as the romance aspect of the manga takes over. Most of the story takes place at a prestigious school in which Najika manages to get in and surprises people with her imaginative and creative style in cooking all the while participating in competitions and rivalry cook-offs. It’s the twists between her and the two brothers Sora and Daichi who have somewhat of a distant relationship that cause things to stay interesting as the story progresses. At times Kitchen Princess is full of positive emotions and nothing but happiness, however its drama and surprised is what keep everything well balanced, interesting, and sets it apart from overly fluffy shoujos and moe.

    Characters of Kitchen Princess

    Kitchen Princess
    Sora, Najika, and Daichi
    The author manages to create a well rounded female character as the main heroine of Kitchen Princess, however most of the others, especially the males, lack development and even distinctive personalities that don’t make them appear too stereotypical.

    The main character, Najika, is shown the be a positive girl who always tries her best and never gives up. It’s her personality that makes her a perfect example of a shoujo heroine. She even faces challenges of dealing with a death, and facing rivals at school. She makes it seem as if nothing can stop her which motivates and changes some of the other characters.

    Sora and Daichi are the other main characters who are brothers with almost opposite personalities. Daichi is classified as a tsundere almost whose personality and character never really gets any interesting than what it starts off as. Sora is known to be the kind and beautiful boy who falls in love with Najika, however the events that remove him from the picture along with his motivations is probably the only small character development he has within the story.

    Other than the main love triangle, Akane portrays the role as Najika’s first rival. What sets her apart besides being the usual mean and jealous enemy, is the fact that she has a eating disorder which is cured by Najika resulting in the two becoming frenemies. Unlike the other boys, Akane has somewhat more layers to her character like Najika.

    The last character that stood out was Seiya who was Najika’s other rival towards the end of the manga. In my opinion he was only conveyed in order to fill in the love triangle once Sora was gone, for he also falls in love with Najika; however she has already fallen in love with Daichi. He doesn’t have anything else to him besides being mostly a supporting character for Daichi and Najika’s budding romance.

    Art of Kitchen Princess

    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess

    The art style of Kitchen Princess is a typical shoujo style. At times it can almost look moe, however the mangaka is able to derive from that style mostly. One thing is the lack of detail for elderly people who seem to be drawn as younger people with only a few lines for wrinkles. Age distinction isn’t very apparent in this manga to me. Something that also stands out and is very important to a cooking manga, is the way the food is draw and displayed. It manages to look tasty enough to eat and have a cutesy appearance that goes with the shoujo atmosphere. Also a nice thing added to the end of the chapters are fun and easy cooking recipes based on the food Najika cooks in the story.


    Kitchen Princess
    Kitchen Princess is mainly a typical romance manga with a love triangle and undeveloped characters that seem to fade easily instead of remaining memorable. However, it’s the angst type scenes that add a twist and keep things from becoming too fluffy. The manga is directly aimed at preteen to teen girls with its charming prince characters like Sora to the bad boy types like Daichi. Najika manages to pull through as a decent heroine despite the classic sad past, amazing ability, and the fact that she happens to cause three guys to fall for her. The manga makes for a good past time, however it doesn’t stand out from typical shoujos, except for its somewhat dramatic and depressing plot twists.

    GazerockGirl Rating: 8/10

    – GazerockGirl