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  • Japanese Fashion: Gyaru

    Gyaru: Gal Fashion


    I love Japan, I love J-Culture, I love Japanese Fashion! Gyaru means Gal in English, but the name originated from a brand of jeans called gurls.

    Story of Gyaru

    Gyaru is a type of Japanese street fashion and maybe some of you know it as ganguro. Ganguro is no longer popular in Japan and has changed into a more refined fashion.

    Gyaru fashion involves a Lot of makeup and an extravagant sense of dress! But in Gyaru fashion there are many subcultures such as kogyaru (high school Gyaru) or ganguro (totally tanned). Ganguros are quite rare these days.



    1. short skirts
    2. loose socks
    3. school uniform



    1. Deep orange tan
    2. wigs
    3. over exaggerated make-up

    Where to find Gyaru’s

    You can most likely spot them on the streets of Shibuya and most of these gyarus will be in their first year of high school ~ 15/16 or kogyaru
    Big hair in curls and big eyes are a must. Big eyes are easily achieved with the help of circle lenses. Looking cute and kawaii are a must! The new latest trend of 2013 is gyaru eyelashes, and come in all different types!

    Few tips I found on the internet!!

    1. Fashion movement
    2. Follow the trends
    3. Constantly changing look
    4. Large subculture
    5. Not cosplay, way of fashion life

    Fashion Review by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98