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  • Gin’s Take On: Tetsuya Kuroko

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    Young Kuroko has stirred the hearts of many female fans as well as male fans. But why all the hype? Well it is because he is so adorable. This blog will revolve around both the anime and the manga. Intense.


    Gin’s Take

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    As one of the main protagonists in Kuroko no Basuke, it is no wonder that Kuroko is so well loved. His entity as a ‘Phantom Player’ is quickl reinforced in the first episode. His existence is ignored due to his lack of ‘person.’ Yet becuase he is a shadow, he makes for the perfect partner for Taiga Kagami. The pair make their story known in the heart of the Seirin Basketball Team. Misdirection plays on the fact taht passing is the most simple or basic technique that is taught as one of the foundations of basketball. Due to this, the audience (or readers) can marvel at the fact that Kuroko is able to take what seems basic to a level that seems extraordinary. All of which adds to his character’s allure.

    Kuroko as a character was very well developed. We see his struggles towards the basketball life which he sought and his connection to each of Generation of Miracles. What I love about his character is how he is often used as comic relief. His dry humour and blunt remarks adds to the lightheartedness of the plot.

    If I go even further into his character, based on observation of physical appearances, Kuroko is based off the color blue.
    Blue can be associated with sadness as well as tranquility. Kuroko’s past is fused with bittersweet memories. To accomplish his goal as a basketball player, he first had to go through obstacles. But true to the symbolism of his color, blue is both loyal and soft. his demeanor is controlled and chilled, and this is conveyed through his outward appearance.

    The emphasis made that Kuroko is there as a shadow to the stronger light, is repeated over and over again whether it merely suggests that Kuroko halps aids from the shadows. It can also symbolize that in every job here requires someone who isn’t well known, but is nonetheless necessary. Just because the light does not shine on them does not make them any less worthy of glory.


    Generation of Miracles and Kuroko

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    It would be difficult to talk about Kuroko without the influence of the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko sought out a team that would play in a different style to teh ‘win win’ attitude of his middle school. Yet his very own skill was unlocked by Akashi, and by observing that his ability was unlocked by the Generation of Miracles and would also be their undoing. Starting and ending with the character Akashi, that gave birth to the Kuroko that we all know. Furthermore, Kuroko’s link to the other members of the team convey how each player was able to influence him. For example, Aomine and his passion for basketball was dwindling, but rekindled.


    Kagami and Kuroko

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    His new ‘light.’ The two share an unlikely bond, yet it is successful. Kagami is the opposite of Kuroko, the power house that houses all that Kuroko himself lacks. Be it speed, muscles, or scoring capabilities. Yet because of teh difference in their qualities, as all attention is drawn away fromm Kuroko, one could state that Kagami also acts as a diversion or distraction. Allowing both sides to makes use of teh best of each of their abilities.


    Kuroko Yaoi

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    Let us not deny the fact there are some very well animated characters. So well, that they are all bishie-level good. Now when that happens sweeties, you get fangirls. When you get fangirls, you also get yaoi enthusiasts. As a result, we get pairings that go every direction of the rainbow. Add that to the fact that most of the characters are male, you end up with some crazy ships. We are going to need a bigger harbour.


    Gin’s Verdict on Kuroko

    Tetsuya Kuroko

    While I cannot deny teh fact that Kuroko is adorable, I do not see how yaoi comes in… His chracter is very mysterious and complicated. Yet time and time again, I keep falling back into the rhythm as Kuroko’s determination is so addicting. I have not kept up with season 2 of the anime, but the manga has me in its grips. It is just a shame that most of the chapters end as cliffhangers.

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