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  • Kuroko No Basket (Manga) Review

    Kuroko No Basket Manga Review

    I can proudly say that I pretty much loved everything about this manga. Even watching the anime after finishing the manga made it even better. I did watch the anime before I read this. I’m not even into sports that much but this manga was freaking amazing. It was a great example of a shonen sports manga. But on to the review of the one of the best sports manga.


    Kuroko no Basuke Plot

    Kuroko no Basuke has a very shonen type story where as the players get power ups and fight the next enemy so to say. This was done so well especially considering not a lot of anime fans like sports. Even the ones like me that don’t like sports can enjoy this show because it was exciting. Every new generation of miracles that pops up has you asking questions like “what can he do?”. Then when you find out you are amazed like I never even though of this. All the generation of miracles had a great power and the stronger they got the more exciting the manga was. Me personally I say the show had not much story but had a very clear goal. The smaller stories within the manga help with the development of characters and gave them reasons to be stronger during games. It was just an overall well planned story for Basketball. I really like the whole shadow and light thing too. Kinda makes you wonder if you could ever have that kind of bond with someone. I loved everything about Teiko and their back stories where one of he best parts of the manga. It just does a really good job of letting you feel what the player is felling and showing you what true struggle is in the darkest of times.


    Kuroko no Basuke Characters

    The characters are good for the most part. I really liked Kagami and his goal to beat the best players in Japan. It really made me want to root for him but kuroko was sooo dull at times. He had his good moments and he could be funny but he was just really dull while doing all these things. They got tremendous development though. Even side characters like Kiyoshi and most of the generation of miracles had good back story also. I freaking loved Akashi, he is bae. Both his personalities are amazing from his emperor side to his more calm and nice side. I hate kise. That’s it I just don’t like him. His ability was just dull and overused in shonen manga. Murisakibara was a god like center and I almost shat myself when he broke the goal. Aomine was cool but he was too god damn cocky. And I don’t like how he was crying like a little bitch when no one could beat him. Midorima was a great character and I loved his personality. He kinda reminded me of me sometimes and I could really relate to him. Overall the characters were amazing and you will like at least one of them. As long as you give the manga some time to explain the character and why they are the way they are.


    Kuroko no Basuke Art

    The art was really good. It could be over dramatic at times but for the most part it really gave you a feel of what was going on. Especially, when they were playing murisakibara and he looked like a freaking monster about to destroy them. Everything about the art was pretty good. No big mistakes and I couldn’t see them drawn any other way really

    Kuroko no Basuke Overall

    Overall I really enjoyed this manga. I just really loved the mixing of battle manga elements in a sports manga. Things like the zone and special basketball moves really made you want to keep reading and see what happens next. If you ever have time give it a read or even watch the anime. But if you have anything different to say or you just want to talk about the manga, comment, like, send me a hate message, Whatever you like. Thanks for reading

    -Manga Llama-

    Story: 7/10

    Characters: 9/10

    Art: 9/10

    Enjoyment: 10/10

    Overall: 9.5/10