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  • Anime of the Week: Serial Experiments Lain

     Serial Experiments Lain


     serial experiments lain

    The anime series was directed by Ryutaro Nakamura. Yoshitoshi ABe did the original character designs while the screenplay was written by Chiaki J. Konaka.  From July of ’98 to September of ’98, the series ran on TV Tokyo. In November of ’98, Playstation released a video game by Pioneer LDC by the same name.

    Influenced by philosophical reality, communication, and identity, the series main character, Lain Iwakura, becomes ‘wired.’ She introduced to the Wired, basically the Internet. Her family is a jumble of psychological messes with her cold mother, computer crazed father, and an inexpressive sister. She finds out that girls from her school have received messages from a dead school mate, Chisa Yomoda. She soon gets her own message from the Chisa. She explains that she is not dead but merely free d her body and in the virtual reality world. At this point, Lain is on a path that will go deep into the network as well as her own mind.
    This anime series has been known for its philosophy, computer history, cyberpunk, and even conspiracy theories. Through these Lain has made its way into several academic articles. The producer Ueda had intended that the American and Japanese cultures would have conflicting ideas of the anime. This was not the case as even though the American viewers found it ‘weird,’ it still had positive reviews.

    serial experiments lain

    Why I chose this anime:This anime is a great psychological classic. An anime that is a gem that has been forgotten.