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  • Loveless (Manga) Review

    Loveless Manga Review

    Loveless Chapter
    Manga Chapter

    I started reading Loveless (thinking it was complete) after I saw the anime. I really wanted to know what was going to happen because (SPOILER) Seimei ended up showing his face at the end of the anime. Plus who is Loveless Fighter anyways? Still have yet to have that question answered sadly. The manga is still ongoing and slowly creeping along.

    Loveless Plot

    Loveless Manga
    Manga Page

    Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei, was murdered a few years ago by the Seven Moons. Ritsuka is wanting to take revenge for what happened, but really has no means to do so. His mother says that he has changed in the past two years since his brother died. He is transferred to a new school and makes only one friend, Yuiko. Ritsuka is just a quiet 6th grader. On his first day, Soubi comes to him and says he knew his brother. Ritsuka quickly takes an interest in him.

    Soubi has come to Ritsuka through the orders of Seimei. He becomes Ritsuka’s fighter even though they have different names. Seimei was Beloved and therefore made Soubi Beloved as well. Ritsuka carries the name of Loveless. Through many battles, though, Soubi and Ritsuka learn to use each others powers better.

    When they both learn that Seimei is alive, it devastates them. Soubi is feeling betrayed while Ritsuka is finding out what Seimei’s true nature is. Seimei only treated Ritsuake with love and care, while he was cruel to everyone else and tortured Soubi. At this point Seimei’s true fighter is with him. By the end of the manga, Seimei takes Soubi from Ritsuka. The fighter with the name of Loveless has still not shown up yet, neither has the name on Ritsuka.

    Loveless Characters

    Loveless Characters
    Characters: Youji, Ritsuka, and Natsuo

    Ritsuka is the main character of Loveless, thus the manga is named after him. He is a quiet and abused child. He has trouble making friends. He is the sacrifice of the fighter Loveless, but uses the fighter Beloved. Soubi is the fighter Beloved. He is a college student mastering in art. He cares about no one but Ritsuka really.

    Seimei is a cruel person intending to take down Seven Moons. He uses his true fighter Nisei. Nisei is much like Seimei in that they are both cruel and care for no one but themselves. Nisei really seeks Seimei’s approval, but never receives any.

    The Seven Moons is actually a group of people. The group works out a school that trains fighters and sacrifices and matched them up. There have been experiments and creations of other fighters and sacrifices though.

    Loveless Fighter/Sacrifice Relationships

    Loveless Relationships
    Fighter/Sacrifice Relationships

    Every sacrifice controls a fighter and every fighter protects their sacrifice. The name of such sacrifice predicts what their future will be like and how their personality will turn out. So far the names consist of Sleepless, Beloved, Loveless, Bloodless, Breathless, Moonless, Fearless, and two sets of Zero. Each set has certain advantages or powers due to their name and nature. For example, both Zero’s feel no pain. This is a handy ability, but can be deadly. Moonless fights better when there is no moon showing, making them somewhat invincible.

    There are fighters though that are not connected to anyone particular. They are called blank slates and can stand in when a sacrifice has lost their fighter. Soubi was a blank slate to begin with until Seimei wrote Beloved on him. Yuri is was also a blank slate until Hideo (Bloodless) wrote his name on her face.


    Loveless is a great manga to read. Even though it is a Yaoi, it really isn’t a “strong” Yaoi. Reading Loveless can help you figure out how you feel towards someone. The manga seems to be about trusting and relationships between one another. You may find something out about yourself. So give Loveless a shot!

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    Overall Grade 8/10 (Incomplete)

  • Loveless (Anime) Review

    Loveless Anime Review


    Loveless Soubi and Ritsuka
    Loveless DVD Cover

    I came across Loveless by mistake when I was looking for cute neko anime characters. I loved the art style of the manga, but could only find the anime at the time. I watched it not knowing what to expect. Even though it leaves an opening for a second season and never officially wraps things up, it was a good anime. It was a bit hard to get into at first, but it was worth the wait.

    The Plot of Loveless

    Loveless Anime Plot
    Beloved and Loveless

    Ritsuka’s older brother was murdered and devastated him so much that he created a “new” personality. His mother went insane and beats him, saying he is not her Ritsuka. This just furthers his belief that he is not this Ritsuka. Even worse, he is placed in a new school. Yuiko is the only girl who speaks with him and they soon become friends.

    Soubi is waiting for Ritsuka on his first day of school. He grabs him on his way out and tells him he knew his brother Seimei. Ritsuka becomes enthralled with this and immediately trusts Soubi. Soubi tells him he is Loveless and that Soubi was there to protect him. Ritsuka was his sacrifice in this underground battle. Since Soubi once belonged to his brother Beloved, that made it illegal for him to have another sacrifice. Someone is after Ritsuka and wants him for their own cause. They must get rid of Soubi to accomplish this.

    The Characters of Loveless

    Loveless Main Characters
    From Left to Right: Yuiko, Shinonome, Ritsuka, Soubi, (top) Kaidou, (Bottom) Yayoi

    Ritsuka is the main character of Loveless, and also goes by the name of Loveless. He is only a 16 year old kid and has been through a lot. He always has his defenses up, but not so much around Soubi. Soubi claims to be his fighter and previous fighter of Ritsuka’s brother Seimei. He is an adult and very mysterious. He constantly says he will do anything for Ritsuka, but this is only due to Seimei’s order.

    Ritsuka has many supporting friends which come along the way. Shinonome is his teacher and actually has a crush on Soubi. She is picked on since she stills has her ears and tail. Yuiko is the happy go lucky girl who follows Ritsuka around, making him at times feel like someone cares for him. She is always happy and has a crush on Ritsuka. Yayoi happens to have been in love with Yuiko (and still is), but she rejected him because he is to short. He therefore does not feel as threatened by Ritsuka because he is short as well.

    Then there are those who are trying to get a hold of Loveless. The two to show up first was Breathless. They were both teenagers around Ritsuka’s age. Sleepless shows up as well, failing to bring Ritsuka into the boss. Another pair of children show up calling themselves Zero. They feel no pain and therefore are much harder to beat. They actually become friends with Soubi and Ritsuka. Eventually another pair show up claiming to be Zero as well. These two females are the original Zero’s and therefore much stronger.

    The Cats of Loveless

    Loveless Cat Ears and Tail
    School of Cats

    Kemonomimi is a type of anime in which the characters have cat features such as a tail or ears or both. In Loveless, the kemononmimi characters serves a purpose on an adult level. When people lose their virginity in this anime, their ears and tails fall off. Therefore it is easier to tell if someone is an adult or not. Shinonome is one of the few adults in the anime that still has her ears and tail and is constantly picked on due to this. Some teens will wear fake ears and tails to hide it from their parents or schoolmates.


    Loveless was a good anime, and honestly it should have gone on to a second season. The anime is different at some points than the anime, because the manga was not complete until after the anime was. Therefore only the first four volumes are what the anime is based after. So if you want the rest of the story, just read the manga. I know I am.


    Overall Grade: 7/10