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    Biological Information
    Age: Approx. 15 beg inning of manga, 17 in the end of manga
    Species: Diclonius
    Relatives: Mother (deceased), Father (Fate Unknown), Half-Brother – (Deceased)
    Occupation: The potential matriarch of the new Humanity


    Kaede is the main character of the manga/anime Elfen Lied. She is not only the protagonist but also the antie-villain/anti-heroine as well. She is known as the head ‘Queen’ of the Diclonius and is very ruthless. She is also a tormented soul as well. She has had a cruel life and was tortured as a different species. She met a boy, Kouta, whom she had great love for. The two end back up together in the end, under different circumstances.
    The entire series of Elfen Lied is based upon her love for Kouta and their relationship. Not only is their past sprinkled with joy, but it also has its deep tragedies.
    She has many abilities as a Diclonius, mostly great strength and psychic abilities. She has telekinetic arms that she uses to get her dirty work done. These are called vectors, their greatest weapons. She can also infect children and spread her Diclonius affects to them. She wants to replace normal humans with Diclonius race.