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  • Mahou Sensou (Anime) Review

    Mahou Sensou Anime Review

    Mahou Sensou

    To be honest, I have never actually dropped an anime series before. However, I was so close to dropping this series that I am surprised I stuck through with it. The synopsis and cover art of Mahou Sensou both imply that this an anime that has epic battles and an interesting plot with a bit of romance in it. Unfortunately, the anime did not live up to those expectations.


    The Plot of Mahou Sensou

    Battle between Takeshi and a magician

    The story of Mahou Sensou, also known as Magical Warfare, begins with a girl phoning someone and calling them “brother.” That was mildly confusing, but I just ignored it and continued out. That is later explained when a fight breaks out between that same girl and three other magicians, one of them apparently being her so-called “brother.” Obviously, the battle attracts the attention of the main character and his friends, who rush in to help the girl. All three of them get touched with magic in some way or another, turning them into magicians. Some more explaining is done after that battle and the four of them all go to another world where magicians are and join a school. Several battles take place while they are at the school, all leading up to the great betrayal of one of the characters. The battles were not really that good, and I found myself calling the characters idiots at times. The ending is also very confusing and makes absolutely no sense, unless you read that manga, which is what I have been told.


    The Characters of Mahou Sensou

    Front: Takeshi Nanase, Mui Aiba
    Back: Kurumi Isoshima, Ida Kazumi

    There are four main characters in Mahou Sensou. The girl is know as Mui Aiba. She uses a gun for her magic and is the one who turned Takeshi Nanase into a magician on accident. Takeshi Nanase is a somewhat gullible person who uses a sword, called “Twilight,” to fight with. His magic allows him to predict people’s future moves. His girlfriend is Kurumi Isoshima. Her power gives her the ability to turn into other people as long as she kisses them. Then finally, Takeshi’s best friend, Ida Kazumi. He attempts to have a “bad boy” image, and his magic is fire which comes from a skull ring. Other characters include Gekkou Nanase, Takeshi’s brother who he has a dark past with and Tsuganashi Aiba, Mui’s brother.


    The Seiyuu of Mahou Sensou

    (I believe to be) The seiyuu of that main characters in Mahou Sensou

    I don’t think an anime could be worst cast for voices than Mahou Sensou. Don’t get me wrong, I like the voices, they are just for the wrong characters. Takeshi’s voice is rather soft and innocent-sounding, giving me the “lost puppy” feeling. This is not the voice of someone who dates a girl for the reason he does, or is not afraid to back down from a fight. Tsuganashi’s voice is too teenager-sounding… the higher-pitched teenage boy voice that some have when they first hit puberty. I did not check his actual age, but he seems to be somewhere around 21. 21 year-olds should not have a voice like that. The character-voice relationship I like that most is Mui’s, and there are a few more acceptable ones, but this anime could have been a lot better cast.

    Mahou Sensou is not an anime I would recommend to anyone for any reason, unless you wish to watch something that is a complete waste of time. The ending, as well, is not even worth watching it, which is the main reason why I stuck with it, and sometimes I wonder if the score I gave it is too high.

    Support Mahou Sensou.

    Overall Score: 5/10