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  • Character of the Week: Misaki Ayuzawa

    Misaki Ayuzawa

     Misaki Ayuzawa

    Anime: Kaichou wa Maid Sama

    Anime Genre: Romance & Comedy

    Birthday: September 29th


    Age: 16 years old

    Occupation: High School student & maid

    School: Seika High School

    Misaki Ayuzawa

    Misaki is a gorgeous 16 year old girl whose very strong-willed & confident. She’s also the main female lead of the series. She is the 1st female student council president at Seika High and is known as the Demon President by the boys, due to her tough and strict behavior. She secretly works as a maid part-time at Maid Latte until a super gorgeous guy named Usui Takumi discovers this & thus prompting the funny but cute relationship between the two. He even has her work for him as a maid, which is the compromise for him not telling anybody about her job. The reason for her desperately wanting to keep her maid job as a secret is because she doesn’t anybody at her school think of her in a real feminine way and she might lose her job as the student council president. It was interesting to see how Misaki and Usui’s relationship developed over the series. Misaki definitely made the series and insured that the audience would have a fun time watching each episode.