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  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Roy’s Gloves

    Roy’s Gloves

    Roy Mustang’s custom made gloves are the main ‘weapons’ he uses. He created them with pyrotex/ignition cloth, a cloth that when rubbed together, create a spark. He has a unique Transmutation Circle for flame alchemy on gloves that allow him to manipulate the oxygen in the air.

    When facing a target, Mustang raises the oxygen density around the them at which point it creates a pathway between the two. He can then use the gloves to create a spark and attack the target. He uses his hands differently in battles. His right hand is mostly used for large explosives while his left hand is used for more accurate and smaller attacks.

    The snap heard when Mustang is igniting his gloves is not him snapping his fingers. It is actually when the gases spark and react. It creates a popping sound. Most would think that his attack is useless in the water. He uses the Transmutation Circles to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen. It creates a highly combustible fuel as well as a volatile oxidizer. This can only be used when he is in a closed off space, has plenty of water, and a source to ignite it.

  • Ran to Haiiro no Sekai (Manga) Review

    Ran to Haiiro no Sekai Manga Review

    The magical family

    Ran to Haiiro no Sekai has a Uchouten Kazoku feel to it – in other words; it’s charming, funny and just has a good atmosphere. In this series we follow the Uruma-family and their magical daily lives. The characters and events/dilemmas are quite funny and…well, magical. As a big fan of Seinen, Ran to Haiiro no Sekai contributes and lives up to it’s genre perfectly. It’s story is simple and doesn’t complicate things at all.


    Plot of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

    The series starts out with Ran, our young protagonist, who is missing her mother. That seems entirely normal. She’s also looking for overly large shoes and her brother’s taken the time to hide them. Strange introduction to her brother, but, that seems normal. Then, when she discovers them we see that she’s not normal. With magic, Ran swipes them from the top of the light, and puts her feet into her large shoes and then grows into them. It’s all magic and Ran wanted to become bigger so that she could find her mother.


    Characters of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai


    Since the family is rather dysfunction the characters brings a lot to the table. It’s a Nurarihyon dilemma when it comes to our main protagonist, Ran. She’s in a complex relationship with a much older man. Her older character (the one that can grow into her larger shoes) has seduced a playboy. Her older brother, is a beast mage. Her father is King of all the crows, and her mother is a sorceress. That’s why Ran’s a sorceress – and the reason her mother is missing is because her mother is the strongest sorceress and protecting a huge door from opening.


    Final Thoughts of Ran to Haiiro no Sekai

    It’s atmosphere, the emotions always making sure that it feels intangible and whimsical. It’s very nicely planned, leaving some things unexplained for a while only to increase shock value, or maybe letting the readers know something that the characters do not, and sometimes he just prioritizes the order of events just to give us readers the best experience. Having that said, it goes pretty much without saying that the art is amazing.

    This series is worth your time!

  • Sword Art Online: Girls Ops (Manga) Review

    Girls Ops Ring of Angels Whisper

    Sword Art Online
    Angel NPC

    This item is a familiar to Lizbeth and Silica. Its origins is Sword Art Online. The description reads “Grants Eternal Bonds Between The Companions Who Exchanges Them.” Silica received one from Kirito during the SAO incident. His only intentions were to keep track of Silica and used it like a phone. To acquire the rings one must go through te Demonic Beast at the Abandoned Tower. Apparently it is a bunny like monster, but the new ALO version has stepped the game up a bit.


    When, and if, this manga continues, it will be great. The manga story and feeling was much like Reki Kawahara. The writer knew how to get in touch with Kawahara’s story telling. Recreating a new story and keeping the tone is very hard sometimes. This manga is not one to miss out one, even if it is not finished.

    Sword Art Online Girls Ops Grade: 8 out of 10

  • Homunculus (Manga) Review

    Homunculus Manga Review

    by Arlenesnts



    Author: Yamamoto Hideo
    Status: Completed
    Chapters: 166
    Volume: 15
    Genre: Drama, Psychological, Mystery


    The Plot of Homunculus

    First of all, what is Homunculus about? Homunculus revolves around around a certain neurologist that is trying to research about trepanation. Trepanation is the procedure of drilling a hole in the skull. It is said to increase the blood circulation and improve pressure inside the skull. It is also said to bring  out a person’s sixth sense, the ability to use ESP, see ghosts, telekinesis. This manga is a speculative fiction about trepanation. The story involves a neurologist and his patient trying to prove whether trepenation really does these things. But there are problems the protagonists will face after encountering some “homunculus”. When I started reading this manga, it gave this serious aura and it made me think whether I can continue to enjoy it or not. Apparently, I got hooked with this manga. The art is something kind of unique to me, because it was one of the first seinen manga i’ve read. This is a mature story so it includes a lot of mature scenes and topics. For me,the plot is so amazing, so unique, so intriguing and it is surely a mystery material. It’s also quite fascinating how close to reality this is. No matter how complex the human emotions are, it is incredibly portrayed in this story.

    The Characters of Homunculus

    Mr. Nakaoshi a.k.a the patient/car boy. At the first few chapters, several homeless adults were talking about about how Mr. Nakaoshi appeared in the park, how he is living in his car parked between a really tall building and the park. You’ll be curious about what kind of life Mr. Nakaoshi led, but later on it will be revealed in the story. For me, Mr. Nakaoshi is your typical adult, the carefree, liar and irresponsible adult that is. At first you’ll hate him but soon you’ll start to pity him and understand why he became like that.

    Itou is the neurologist. Closet gay. Afraid of his dad. Those are the few things you’ll know about itou. To be honest, Itou is amazing. He tried his best to hide who he truly is to the point of forgetting he’s true self.There are a few chapters where it may seem to be the evil one. You’ll kinda doubt the story and Mr. Nakaoshi after reading Itou’s words. He is my favorite character in this story.

    The Homeless Adults represent the poor population. They are the people who are left behind by the modern society. Unemployed people who are trying their best to survive. They show how cruel the society is. You’ll pity them but at times you’ll see how in some ways, that they are wrong.


    Opinion of Homunculus

    This manga left me quite speechless. If you are looking for a psychological and drama type of manga, this one is the best. I enjoyed it even though I am really not into drama. I was able to connect with the characters’ emotions and all that. I got fascinated with it. It’s truly remarkable. It’s applies realistic stuff about society, money and emotions. I give it a two thumbs up. That’s all, thank you.

  • Alice in the Country of Hearts (Manga) Review

    Alice in the Country of Hearts Manga Review

    Alice in the Country of Hearts

    A manga following the story of the books written by Lewis Carrol, Alice in the Country of Hearts is a nice manga retelling of the original story. A confusing manga to get through, nonetheless a great manga.


    Plot of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts
    Manga Page
    Alice is having a nap in her garden when suddenly before her is a young man with rabbit ears! He whisks her away (kidnapped) to a fantastic (but dangerous) world that seems straight out of a (violent) fairy tale.
    In Wonderland, the White Rabbit, Peter, makes her drink a “medicine” to keep her there and play in their games, then leaves her. In her search for the White Rabbit so she can hit him, Alice is almost killed by twin gatekeepers and a tall March Hare. As she walks around the new world, she runs into a knight that has absolutely no sense of direction -none, whatsoever- who takes her to Peter. In the end, she forgets about hitting him.
    So our dear Alice continues her journey through Wonderland, looking for a way to go home, trying not to fall in love along the way.

    Characters of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts
    Alice Lidell- A normal girl with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. Deciding to stay in the Wonderland she was forcefully carried to, she’s adapted to her strange new lifestyle.
    Julius Monrey- The Clockmaker, but sometimes called the undertaker, is letting Alice stay with him and “help” with his work. Meaning, letting her make him coffee.
    Blood Dupre-The head of the mafia Hatter Family.  Blood is a cunning yet moody puppet-master that looks surprisingly like someone Alice once knew and loved.
    Elliot March- Blood’s right-hand man has a criminal past… and a temperamental present. But he’s not as bad as he used to be, so that’s something. Joining Blood has been good(?) for him.
    Tweedle Dee- One of the “Bloody Twins” and gatekeeper of the Hatter Territory.  Dee can be cute when he’s not being terrifying.
    Tweedle Dum- The second “Bloody Twins” is equally cute and equally scary.
    Vivaldi- The beautiful Queen of Hearts has an unrivaled temper- which is really saying something in Wonderland. Although a picture-perfect Mad Queen, she cares for Alice as if Alice were her little sister… or a very interesting plaything.
    Peter White- The Prime Minister of Heart Castle- who has rabbit ears growing out of his head-  invited (kidnapped) Alice to Wonderland. He loves Alice and hates everything else. His cruel, irrational actions are disturbing, but he acts like a completely different person (rabbit?) when in the throes of his love for Alice.
    Ace-The unlucky Knight of Hearts was a former subordinate of Vivaldi and is perpetually lost.  He seems like a  classic nice guy… or is he?
    Boris Airay- This riddle-loving cat has a signature smirk. One of his favorite pastimes is giving the Sleepy Mouse a hard time.
    Nightmare Gottschalk- A sickly nightmare who hates the hospital and needles. He has the power to read people’s thoughts and enter dreams; Gray drags him out to sulk from time to time. He technically holds a high position and has many subordinates, but since he can’t even take care of his own health, he leaves most things to Gray.
    Gray Ringmarc-Nightmare’s subordinate in Clover. He used to have strong social ambition and considered assassinating Nightmare… but couldn’t since Nightmare was such a useless boss, Gray couldn’t help but feel sorry for him and ended up a dedicated assistant. He’s a sound thinker with a strong work ethic. He’s also highly skilled with his blades, rivaling even Ace.
    Pierce Villiers-  Pierce is an insomniac mouse who drinks too much coffee. He loves Nightmare ( who can help him sleep) and hates Boris ( who terrifies him). He can dislike Blood and Vivaldi for discarding coffee in favor of tea. He likes Elliot and Peter well enough, since rabbits aren’t natural predators of mice.

    Thoughts of Alice in the Country of Hearts

    Alice in the Country of Hearts

    A sort of confusing manga, but it’s about Wonderland, so what do you expect? There are three or so other books that go with this… Alice in the Land of Clover, Alice in the land  of Joker, Alice loves fables. I’m pretty sure Alice in the land of Hearts is the first series though.
    Alice in the Land of Clover are little stories about Alice falling in love with the male characters. Some are more than one manga, going up to seven books. Some are just one book.
    Some of the books are written by different people. You can tell by the style of the character drawings (instead of looking at the names).
    The character design, background design and action scenes are all pretty good: B+. The romance is a little slow, all the characters are willing to show their love for Alice, but she always holds back and ends up hurting them.
    Overall: 7 out of 10

    Review by Daydreamer Kate

  • Bloodhound: A Vampire Story (Manga) Review



    Kaori Yuki has brought to life her own vampire story in Bloodhound. Again she brings to life characters that you come to love and a story that is confusing until the end. Bloodhound is one of her shorter stories, therefore you would feel it is rushed. That is not the case here. Having four chapters (a fifth as a bonus) she is able to get in the right amount of information. There is nothing unnecessary about this Bloodhound so pay attention to everything.

    The Plot of Bloodhound

    bloodhound plot

    Bloodhound revolves around a girl named Rion. Rion is a high school teenager. She sets out to find her missing friend, Shiho. Shiho leaves a clue for Rion. Rion mistakes the address and goes to a Vampire host club called Kranken Hause. There she meets Suou, a vampire that claims she is his lost love. Once she finds out that Suou might be responsible foe Shiho’s disappearance, she breaks a wine bottle so they force her to work there. Soon her father finds out and he and a group of adults go to find her. Her teacher takes it upon herself to walk Rion home. This is Rion finds out her teacher is responsible for the disappearances. Suou saves Rion and Shiho.

    The next chapter in Bloodhound is where the story really takes off. Here you find out about Schwarz Wolf. A club created to create witches. The head of this organization happens to be Suou’s brother, Mikhail. Mikhail has also been looking for Rion. In the past, Mikhail was going to marry Ellione (Rion), but she fell in love with Suou. Betrayed, Ellione was burned at the steak as a witch. Since then Suou has been looking for her to drink her blood and end the vampire curse.

    The bonus chapter tells you how everything ends, happily. Here you are led to believe Rion is in a mental institution for believing in vampires. You find out later that she is really just stuck in her mind in a hospital bed.

    The Characters of Bloodhound

    bloodhound char

    Rion is the main character of Bloodhound. Rion is your average high school drama girl. She is passionate about her friends and really does not believe in the fact she is a reincarnated woman. She is hot tempered at times.

    Suou is the other main character. He is a vampire, of course, and uses his abilities to lead women in and to suck their blood. Only he does not do it against their will nor does he kill them.

    The characters in Bloodhound are very well thought out and all are important to the story. Though some may seem they are for ‘show’ they really do have their minor roles to play. No character is unnecessary in Bloodhound.

    The Art of Bloodhound

    bloodhound art

    This is my favorite part of any Kaori Yuki manga. Bloodhound is no exception. She is so detailed in everything that she draws. The characters are always so dreamy looking. You can see that Kaori Yuki loves to play around with outfits and hairstyle. The expressions of the characters are always perfect to the situation.

    Bloodhound is an excellent manga to pick up and read and should be on every manga fan bookshelf.

    Overall grade 8/10