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  • Bibi (Manhwa) Review

    Bibi Manhwa Review


    Written by Choi Kyung-ah
    – Drama
    – Romance
    – School Life
    – Shoujo
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 32


    Ok, so despite the title stating that it is a Manga review, this is actually a Manhwa review. Manhwas as I elaborated on in the past is the korean equivalent of a manga, despite some obvious differences. Despite my most recent reviews being about shonen or seinen, BiBi is actually shojo, so I get this was a rebound from my little adventuring with the different genres.


    BiBi focuses on the journey of a girl Nabi, her childhood dream was to be a fashion designer but due to her single mother their financial circumstances put them in a difficult situation. Nabi possess a special talent, in that replicate any clothing design, and she and her mother gain their income through selling these replicas in a imitation store. Her mother who has a special fascination bordering obsession with fashion, makes Nabi enter the Seoul Fashion Show, going up against some of the most talented designers of the country. At the fashion show, Nabi who is the model for their design meets Jehu a talented designer who attends the prestigious Baekje Art School.
    Through a chain of events, Nabi gains the confidence to embrace her childhood dream and attempts to enroll in the prestigious school.
    BiBi Manhwa does not bave matur scenes, so far yet, but the latest cliffhanger does address something quite controversial or should I say against common human morality


    In terms of the manhwa on the whole, (I usually do this at the end, but let’s mix it up a tad) it was enjoyable and attention grabbing, however the plot is not entirely easy to understand, and actually requires a lot of thought since although it is a Shoujo it does border some aspects of mystery.


    Plot of Bibi


    BiBi, introduces the reader to a world of the competition in the fashion world, and the grit and jealousies that most people have encountered. As forewarning for those who do wish and hopefully you will try out this manga, the first chapter is slightly confusing and leaps straight in with brands such as Chanel and Gucci, as well as confronting the social divide between those who have more power and those who do not. And in some ways everything revolves back to this human eccentricity called money.
    However, before my mind drifts off into other thoughts lets get back on the train. Nabi and her mother are basically kicked out of a ‘luxury store’ and after this, the reality of their situation really hits them, at which point Nabi’s mother enters them into the Seoul Fashion Design Show, at this show Nabi meets Jehu, their meeting is sponatneous and memorable, but brings controversry to the show. The arc with the fashion show is important as it introduces the reader to the charactes that are most likely going to play a large role in the story. Similarly, this refuel Nabi’s goal of becoming a fashion designer. She tries to enroll in the famous art school, but to do so she first has to take a series of tests to prove that she is worthy of entering as a student.
    But moving on, to a major factor of the shoujo which revolves around romance, if you haven’t already guessed, Jehu and Nabi do have a spark, but it does get more complicated hence the cliche love triangle. But what defines the difference with this love triangle is the actions that the love rival commits against the heroine. It emphasizes how love can be both a fickle path as well as manipulative and causes happiness and hurt. But love can be a  familial and romantic love and both these groups are fused to produce a explosive result in the plot.


    Characters of Bibi


    Character development is slow but it does mean the reader is able to experience the same as what the MC goes through in terms of hardship and betrayal. Although the author has not revealed much about the characters’ pasts it does seem like they will further down the plot, as there are major gaps and hints that reveal some tiny bits at a time. Similarly, something that captured my attention was how realistic some scenes were, issues such as divorce, marital disputes and hardships were represented and conveyed.


    Art of Bibi


    The art is in the manhwa style and again is drawn beautifully but does require some getting used to at first, it has a fragile and delicate feel to it, but also incredibly powerful at the same time. Conveying both the strength and weaknesses of the MC in particular devastating scenes.


    To conclude, the story is quite fast paced but also slow at the same time, a bit of a contradiction but it is true, so if you enjoy shojo and want a different taste of feel, I would recommend this manhwa it is incredibly interesting and I personally look forward to what the future chapters have to offer.


    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Teke Teke Rendezvous (Manga) Review

    Teke Teke Rendezvous Manga Review

    Teke Teke Rendezvous
    Written by manga artist George Asakura
    Published in Shodensha.
    – Josei
    – Romance
    – Comedy
    Status: Ongoing
    Chapters so Far: 10

    I came across this Manga yesterday during a moment of my day which was rather chill and relaxed, and the cover caught my eye, having not read a rom-com in ages, I jumped at the opportunity, and my oh my, this girl was not disappointed. This may or may or not appeal to you, Teke Teke Rendezvous is an example of Josei. Josei tends to be aimed at women from the ages of 18-30 and focuses on more realistic perceptions of love in contrast to the happy go lucky atmosphere of Shōjo Manga. Similarly, the genre tends to have a more sexually explicit and mature storyline. It does not have to have a female heroine but it does try to appeal to female readers. Think of it as the female version of seinen. Focusing on Teke Teke Rendezvous obviously, it’s a comedy romance manga as well as Josei and mature. The manga is still ongoing, and each chapter tend to contain from approximately 20-40 -pages.
    Bearing in mind, this will contain SPOILERS…


    Plot of Teke Teke Rendezvous

    Teke Teke Rendezvous

    Teke Teke Rendezvous centres on Sanbonsugi Tayoko a self proclaimed Japanese Gyaru who is a student in the agricultural department. Tayako’s large appetite causes her to have to seek other methods to provide enough food for herself, and as a result she also works part time for a hostess bar. Upon working at the bar, she manages to meet her patron/client’s grandson Shishio. You could almost say that her first interaction with Shishio was electrifying; her first impression of him was while he sang sweet words to the animals around him. Cheesy I know, but bear with.


    Breakdown of the Plot

    Teke Teke Rendezvous

    The MC Tayoko is a virgin despite how showy her appearance may be, the plot then follows through her next few interactions with Shishio, all of which have an important role in the storyline. This is due to the fact that in each interaction we as readers are able to take in another hint. These interactions are successful in pulling the reader in.
    But why is that? As I may have stated before, this manga genre is Josei, this means that it is slightly more realistic, so the pacing in the manga is also slower, this means readers get longer time to digest and take their time, each interaction between the MC and Shishio causes a little hint that triggers the storyline forward is also in ‘real time’. Moreover, since it is a Josei, and is based on realistic assumptions, the plot is rather grounded and humble, the plot itself could be seen as rather plain but the art and characters are able to counteract this movement, giving it a little touch of tenderness.

    On the other hand, in terms of the plot and storyline, I have to say this is completely different to any romance manga I have ever met, yes it is still fairly cliché with the heroine falling in love with a man who is probably not good for her, and it has elements that separate it from the norm. The mature content in the manga is not explicit so far, and any mature scenes are drawn impeccably and not derogatory, so scenes generally stick to the art and form. OH, there are some sex scenes just as a warning.

    On the other hand, opposing what I said earlier about Josei and the manga’s romance plot going slowly, the rest of the plot does give the impression of fast development, but yet this seems to fit so well with the personality of the MC. Similarly, the content can be difficult to swallow at some points as more characters get introduced, but with clear differentiation of characters the plot can be rather easy to understand after some getting used to.

    The plot also brings in different parts of the Japanese culture, pulling in the stereotypes of hostess bars, fashion movements such as gyaru and the idea of agriculture and educational trips.


    Characters of Teke Teke Rendezvous

    Teke Teke Rendezvous

    Asakura the Mangaka has woven in her own delightful bit of humour and comedy that makes the characters so easy to fall in love with.
    In some respects, the characters could do with some more major development as it is already ten chapters in and we are still unaware of most of the characters’ back-stories.

    The MC is bubbly and filled with life and in some ways rather seductive haha, but little extras that the Mangaka has added makes Tayoko’s character a dream to read about.

    An interesting concept to explore about her character is how the subject of love interest: Shishio, constantly compares the MC’s eyelashes or fake lashes, (she is a gyaru) to a dik dik, no funny jokes guys, it’s an actual animal, an antelope to be technical. A dik dik has connotations of grace and innocence, and if this is to symbolise Tayako’s own essence and character then perhaps the dik dik also is a symbol of Tayako’s own virginity and feminine appeal. This in turn is fascinating, because Shishio takes on the image of a lion in Tayako’s eyes, we all know a lion is a carnivore and such that it preys on animals such as the dik dik, perhaps foreshadowing how Tayako’s own spirit will be eaten up by a power above her. If she gets too close, she will be eaten, and nothing good will come out of it, only the lion has the vested interest when he devours a dik dik.


    Art of Teke Teke Rendezvous

    Teke Teke Rendezvous

    In comparison, the art has exceeded itself, not on the level of another Manhua which I adore, (I’ll be reviewing it too at some point), but the detail is exquisite, darn do these long words not already emphasize my point??!!! The characters are also a large selling point, the MC is a gyaru, so more effort and time has to put in to reinforce the culture, but this also means that Tayako has to be differentiated from the others, and this is produced through the use of tone.

    However, it is not only the characters that have to represent well drawn art, let us not forget how the backgrounds have to play a large part in the story. Scenes of nature, and the varying forms and scenes emphasise the mangaka’s skill and experience. The scenes and background change depending on the mood of the current scene and so darker or lighter colours of tone and ink is determined by that deciding factor. This isn’t a relatively long manga at this moment in time, finger crossed for those releases soon!!! But it is great for a quick shot of fun and lively humour.

    Reviews by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98