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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 26 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 26 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 26

    Queen Serenity (Future Sailor Moon) has finally awakened. Queen Serenity and Sailor Pluto give Mini Moon powers to transform. Sailor Pluto does die and they did not bring her back, which saddens me. She was such a great character! This gives both Sailor Moon and Mini Moon enough power to defeat the final boss.

    Queen Serenity and Mini Moon

    Queen Serenity revives everyone and it is now that Sailor Moon gets to meet her future self. They finally go back to their present time and things go back to normal. Sailor Moon goes to school like normal and so do the rest of the Sailor Scouts. Mini Moon even decides to stay in the past with Sailor Moon and the group.

    Sailor Scouts Mini Moon

    Now that season 2 is finally over, it is time to wait for the next one (hopefully). I really liked season 2 and it stuck pretty close to the manga. The artwork is great as well! I hope the next season comes out quick, until then see ya!

    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 26 Review
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