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  • Behind the Scenes: CLAMP’s Mascot Mokona

    Mokona  モコナ

    A puffy and small creature used as a CLAMP crossover mascot. Mokona is a male bunny type creature that over uses the word “puu” as a language. Mokona is first seen in Magic Knight Rayearth where he is the creator of the Pillar system. She gives Hikaru and Eagle Vision the decision of the new pillar after Emeraude’s death. When Hikaru becomes the new Pillar and destroys the system, Mokona takes the three Mashin and leave for another adventure.

    Mokona Modoki  モコナ=モドキ

    Mokona Modoki
    Powers: Seal Magic (Larg); 108 Secret techniques (Soel)

    These two Mokona’s are created by Clow Reed and Yuko Ichihara. THey had encountered teh original Mokona which gave them the knowledge of alternate realities. They created the two Mokona’s from Mokona’s original state. They can talk and a different size than the orignal though. They are each given an earing that matches the color of their gems. The red one boosts the magic power while the blue one will seal magical powers.

    The White Mokona, or Soel, has the red gem for magic on its forehead. Soel loves to eat and can teleport between worlds.She is given to Tsubasa’s group when they came to visit in exchange for an item.

    The Black Mokona, or Larg, is excellent at writing and likes salty things. Larg has the blue gem on the forehead and can seal magic. He is mainly used to comunicate to the Tsubasa group. He also swallows objects to exchange as well. He loves to drink sake as well.

    108 Secret Techniques


    Super Voice Imitation, Translating, Super Dramatic Power, Extreme Sneaking, Dimensional travel, Super Disguise, See Ghosts, Super Sharp-Sensing, Super Suction Power, Super Magnestism, Hyper Gravity, Extreme Transformation, Drawing Capabilities, Sense the feathers, Clairvoyance, Flirting, Singing, Tease, Writing kanji, Intercommunicate throughout dimensions, Making Friends, Super Strength, Inhibit Magical Curses, Aumenting magic, Teleport items between each other, Immunity to bad luck, Drink alcohol, N’CHA Cannon (a reference to the manga series Doctor Slump), Play Chess, Knit, Super Deductive Reasoning, and Eating Apples Whole.