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  • Crook Clock (Manga) Review

    Crook Clock Manga Review


    Crook Clock
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    I must say when I picked up Crook Clock I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that the character on the cover resembled Grell from Black Butler and I wanted to read it. What it was about was fascinating though. A cute little romance story on the side as well. The characters surprised to honestly. I really wished that this manga happened to be longer.


    Crook Clock Plot


    Crook Clock
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    Crook Clock is about a clock maker named Hewlett. He is skilled at making watches and clocks and therefore everyone wants one. The time is set in the Victorian era. Soon his watches and clocks become a status symbol and all the aristocrats must have one. Hewlett is not impressed with that and only wants to create them for people who appreciates them. He often pushes himself to the limit and passes out while created things. His butler Jill often worries over him and forces him to sleep or eat. Soon a new maid enters the plot line and changes things for the two men. Hewlett finds himself remembering his past while Jill attempts to keep the maid away from Hewlett. Soon Hewlett finds himself in love and chases after the girl of his dreams.


    Characters of Crook Clock


    Crook Clock
    Mulara and Hewlett


    Hewlett is the main character of Crook Clock. He is a master clock and watch maker. He learned from his father and moved to get away from his fathers name and make one for himself. The only problem is he is becoming popular for his creations and he did not want it that way. Jill is his butler that watches over him. He often forces Hewlett to sleep or eat. He even forces him to see his mother at one point. The remind me a Sebastian taking care of Grell type situation. Mulara is the main female character. She has brought a dove clock with her thinking it is the creation of Hewletts father. She falls for Hewlett but runs away at the end thinking it is for the best.


    The Dove Clock


    Crook Clock
    Dove Clock


    Hewlett had made the Dove Clock when he was younger and was particularity proud of his work. He went to his dads office one day and peeked into his meeting. His father was selling his clock to another person as if it was just another common item. Even worse his father had said it was his own work. Through some fault Mulara had come into possession of this Dove Clock. She shows it Hewlett to repair, but her ends up breaking it remembering his past with his father.

    Crook Clock is very mysterious to begin with especially when Mulara arrives. You honestly do not know which way the manga is going to end up. While romance may have been a theme I feel like it was Hewlett coming to terms with what happened and letting go. Only then can he begin to trust other people. I know I say this a lot, but this is one short manga I would recommend to any manga reader.

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    Overall Grade: 8/10