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    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Manga Review

    Ok, I was so ready to read another great slice of life/RomCom manga. I feel like this Manga could have been better but I’m not saying it’s not a great read. This was great and had great story up until about the 50% mark. What seemed as the potential to be an amazing story, kinda all went down hill. The art and the story changed so much toward the end and seemed as if someone else was writing the story towards the end. It literally went from, Wow this is really good, To, oh ok that’s cool, To, why the hell am I still reading? I kept reading because I needed closure. But enough of my starting rant, on to the review.


    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Plot

    The story literally had me bought when I read the description. A guy who can time skip and during his adventures time skipping figures out that he is married to the most beautiful girl at his school in the future. It barley has any Romance, some ecchi, and is kinda more slice of life/comedy than anything else. When I began reading I thought the main character, Aoshima Hitoshi, and his friends were just another loser squad that everyone hates. That is the case(haha) but the more I read, the more I got attached to the “Dx Brigade” and they actually seemed like people I would hang out with in real life. But that did not last long, No No No, Not at all. The story pissed me off, more and more and more. The consistency just flew out of the window or was left in one of the time skips Aoshima was in. After Aoshima and Wagatsuma San met for the first time I was so excited. But that was actually the turning point for the worst. After they met, the time skips got, worse and worse and even confused me at times. It felt as if I was dragging my eyes across the page it got so bad. Things like, repetition of humor, and repetitive concepts kept stealing away from what this could have been. The time skipping sensei towards the end was an idiot too. We all clearly knew what he told him was wrong and that he was going to change everything. They ran out of ideas and clearly rushed the ending. The ending was a complete disaster. It was refreshing though.


    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Art

    As for the Art. I actually really liked it. It wasn’t spectacular but it was good. It was really good and consistent in the beginning. The girls were really designed nicely and everyone else had good design up until the mid point in the series. It got worse. The heads looked cartoonish. The women were eh when they were fine as hell before. It was like a whole other person was drawing. The homage to attack on Titan was really good though. Kudos to that.

    My Wife Wagatsuma-San Characters

    Characters, were the strongest part of this manga and kept it together for the most part. But just like everything else it somehow went downhill. The story was character driven. The main character was a loser in the beginning but as the story goes on you see other sides of him and you tend to like him a little more. Same with all his friends in the Dx Brigade. I also thought it was really stupid how he was bound to this one girl when there was 2 other fine chicks right in front of him that seemed to be a lot easier to handle than the girl he was after. It did a good job of depicting his relationships with his friends in the future also. Though it seemed as though the good characters from the Dx brigade started to become annoying an stupid. As for his “wife” I didn’t want to see her as his wife anymore after all the time skips with the other girls. Life with them just seemed so much better and easier. It also came to the point to where there was no relationship development. And the story seemed to go nowhere. Comedy disappeared and only seemed to show up for short relief at random times. Afterward all the side characters got info red and got no more development. I seriously thought I was reading a different manga at some point. The first half was freaking amazing but the second half made me wanna do this.

    -Manga Llama-

    Story: 6/10 ( second half was a disaster. Had the potential to be a 9.5)

    Art: 8/10(I’m being nice cause I really like the girls design.)

    Character:9/10( really helped the story stay interesting)

    Enjoyment: 6/10(that ending really messed me up. Like seriously)