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  • Nagi No Asukara (Anime) Review

    Nagi No Asukara

    I tried to make this spoiler-free, not lack of detail.

    I honestly found this anime when I finished Anohana and looked at MyAnimeList to find any recommendations. When I saw that Nagi No Asukara was created by the same person who created Anohana, I braced myself for a tear-jerking anime. Though it did make me cry a river, the loss and love that occurred in this anime made it even more beautiful.


    Story of Nagi No Asukara

    Nagi No Asukara

    Nagi No Asukara is about two types of humans- one that lives on land and one that lives under the sea. Even though each kind thinks they are superior than the other, they were still both humans and both act similarly. (Besides the whole swimming, fishes, and blue fire)

    This story follows a circle of childhood friends who lives in the underwater town called “Shioshishio.” Many several factors played in their middle school under the sea to close down, and so they had to go to school on the surface.

    Adapting on land wasn’t easy for these four since they had to stay wet (insert perverts here) to keep their Ena, a protective shell given to the sea people by the Sea God, which is what enables them to live and breathe underwater in the first place, alive. Throughout the story, you would see the discrimination and tension between the land and sea people start to rise.

    Also, different relationships and backstories start to appear and makes the story a whole lot more interesting.

    Holy crap, Nagi-Asu has the most complicated romance I have ever seen.

    However, don’t worry, Nagi No Asukara is an extraordinary rare case of romance done right.


    Characters of Nagi No Asukara

    Nagi No Asukara
    Unlike 99.9% of romance animes, Nagi-Asu was very unpredictable for ME. (Some people probs be like Sherlock Holmes and guessed all the plot twists)

    For the main character cast, there were many people who I thought were important to the plot.

    I don’t think you can really call one person the protagonist of this anime since there were many different problems that occurred in this anime.

    Hikari is usually depicted as the main character since he gets the most screen time, but I think other wise there are multiple. Above all though, if you were to draw up arrows of the characters and their crushes there would be too much XD. When I finished this anime I discovered that there wasn’t any obvious solution to any relationship.

    Anyway, all the love drama aside, the character development in Nagi no Asukara is fantastic. Each and every character feels like he/she actually serves a purpose, and adds something crucial to the bigger picture. This anime also shows how the characters becomes more mature. I guess the best way to explain it is that the supernatural aspects aside, there is a constant sense of realism when it comes to the characterization in Nagi-Asu and it just kept getting better and better the longer it went because of it.


    Animation and Sound of Nagi No Asukara

    The openings and endings were extraordinary and verrry majestic. But regrading the soundtrack, Nagi-Asu is mostly pretty silent. As for as voice acting goes, I think every one pretty much lived up to their characters’ role.

    The first thing you see is that the animations are beyond phenomenal. Everything involving the sea in this anime is breathtaking. Absolutely stunning. The underwater world and its submerged town has all kinds of marine creatures swimming around everywhere in perfect detail, and the lighting coming through the ocean surface (which works sort of like the sky in this case) and how it refracts with the water looked almost futuristic at times. P.A. Works really outdid themselves this time around.

    I’m not saying the surface world was any less beautiful, but I gotta say the underwater world really outshines it. I cannot praise it enough.

    – Mer