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  • Genre Talk: Adventure

    The Adventure Anime Genre

    Popularity: 10/10

    Commonly mixed with action, historical, or fantasy.

    “A life with no adventure in it is boring. The least a friend can do is stir up a little trouble in your heart.”

    – Gai Tsutsugam (Guilty Crown)


    When it comes to this genre, the story is drawn out and very detailed. Of course, as the name suggests, the characters are often in search of something. The story line tends to be strong as well as character development, mostly due to the fact they are long stories. The long story can sometimes be tedious to get through and often people will pause watching the series (or reading) and move to something else for a while.

    Adventures are usually a genre in which the main character must risk their lives to reach the goal. The risks can be financial, psychological, or physical. Adventure anime’s can usually cause people to have motivation to get things done. This is because the character is often being given motivation to complete the task.

    Examples of Adventure

    One Piece

    The most well known adventure anime out there. Luffy is on the search for the ultimate pirate treasure, One Piece. With a crew, each member gained as a separate adventure, they sailed through the Grand Line. A series that focuses on its character and plot development.

    Digimon Adventure

    A group of kids are drawn to the Digital World to search for a way to save both that world and reality. They face many perils along the way as well as other small adventures.

    Samurai Champloo

    A pairing of three random people in search for a samurai that smells of sunflowers.

  • Inspirational Anime Girls

    Finding Inspiration in Anime

    Many argue that some anime are very sexist and stereotypical towards women. Anime tries to sometimes make girls strong and muscular or sometimes make them almost identical to a male character. Maybe even make them thin asf or make the male protagonist save the women. As a feminist I don’t think that’s way to promote feminism.

    I chose these three female characters on how powerful and special they are in their own ways.


    Hinata Hyuga

    Now, I know some people depict her as someone weak and useless. I don’t think so.

    Sure, she’s not strong, but her will to never give up is what makes her so inspiring and powerful. She shows that quiet people can be strong and can save the day once in a while.

    Especially with Naruto, she is willing to go all the way to protect who she cares about.

    Hinata Hyuga breaks all stereotypes, and proves that a strong woman doesn’t have to be masculine or tough.


    Super Sonico

    She’s the true figure of feminism. This was probably the first anime I watched where a girl was a little on the chubby side. I loved her immediately. She flaunts off her curves and I have mad respect for people who aren’t insecure about their bodies.

    Like Hinata, Sonico isn’t masculine, and you can even say she’s girly, but she doesn’t let that stop her from achieving her goals.


    Honoka Kousaka

    I’ve never seen a person so determined like Honoka. Especially when there’s a lack of support from those around her. She’s very determined to make her dream come true: becoming an idol.

    I’ve learned from Honoka that no matter how impossible your dreams are, never give up and to never let go of your goals.

    Something else is that Honoka isn’t flashy, she’s a normal high school girl.

  • Gin’s Take On: Sakura Haruno

    Sakura Haruno

    Warning: These blogs are not meant to offend anyone and are only Gin’s opinions.

    Sakura Haruna
    Sakura is one of the main female protagonists in Naruto. She is also one of the most hated…


    Gin’s Take

    Sakura Haruna

    I actually really like Sakura. She is a medic ninja and that already puts her in my good books! Despite how people say she has no ninjutsu, but does a doctor need to be a soldier? Not to mention she is one of the best medic ninjas at the age of 16! Despite haters saying that Sakura is a useless character, she is in fact a great literary device in the plot. She was able to boost Naruto’s determination to save Sasuke. However, I do agree with people to a certain extent. In the first part of Naruto (before the time lapse) she did get on my nerves. She was all over Sasuke even more than she was in the end. This all emphasized how her character changed. She became stronger and more reliable. Sakura is also Tsunade’s disciple and that puts her as not useless already.

    Sakura has a talent at Chakra control and this is significant as she demonstrates her new strength. Sakura may be weak but not useless. It is only natural that her teammates, Naruto and Sasuke, outshine her. Her character is not an offensive character and that is what people focus on. She is a defence and medic so to compare her to characters like Naruto is wrong. After all, you can’t put an alpaca into an arena of ninja ducks and think that the alpaca will come out unscathed.


    Gin’s Verdict on Sakura

    Sakura Haruna

    Gin believes that people should probably be kinder to Sakura. At least get to know her character. Every character has their flaws. When someone doesn’t like the character, it spreads like a disease.

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    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Character of the Week: Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake


    Anime/manga: Naruto

    Age: 29
    Birthday: 15 September
    Height: 5″11
    Weight: 67.5kg
    Blood type: O
    Powers: Jitsu



    Kakashi is a very powerful character in Naruto. He is the leader and teacher of team 7. Because of a traumatic experience when he was young, he more of a stick-to-the-rules type nin. At the start of the series he seems lazy and unreliable but towards the end he becomes more trustworthy and skilled. He trained under Minato. His rival is Might Guy.

  • Anime of the Week: Naruto

    Anime of the Week: Naruto


    Naruto It takes a while for things to really get going, but once it does you’ll notice it. Unfortunately for some, the pacing can sometimes be broken by the short training arcs which are actually pretty entertaining and in many cases are segued in nicely with the story arcs. Also, there is only one short filler arc throughout the first 135 episodes. First off about the art, it should be apparent from our protagonists conspicuous appearance that, in many ways these guys are ninjas in name only. Still, the appearances of the characters throughout the series are so varied that I didn’t care. The animation does take a dip occasionally. I don’t have much about the sound. The music is pretty good, though occasionally generic. I enjoyed this series. I won’t lie, I loved this series. But, it certainly isn’t for everyone and I can understand quite a few people being frustrated by this shows some times slow, often times fast pacing. Also, as I said before, enjoyment largely hinges on whether or not you like the characters or not. To sum it up, don’t go into Naruto expecting to see the tightest script ever written or anything thought provoking. Just go into it for a fun time and, maybe, you’ll be surprised by the well developed characters like I was. I have one problem. These characters are way too over powered! Mostly the male characters! That’s all I have for now.

  • Character of the Week: Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    Anime: Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

    Itachi Uchiha

    Manga Debut: #139
    Anime Debut: Episode #80
    Movie Debut: Naruto 6:Road To Ninja.

    Voice Actors:
    Japanese: Hideo Ishikawa
    English: Crispin Freeman

    Birthday: June 9
    Gender: Male

    Age: Part I: 17-18
    Part II: 21
    Status: Deceased

    Height: Part I: 175.2 cm
    Part II: 178 cm

    Weight:Part I: 57.1 kg
    Part II: 58 kg
    Blood type: AB
    Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
    Classification: S-Rank, Missing-nin
    Occupation: Anbu Captain (Former)
    Affiliation: Konohagakure, Akatsuki
    Partner: Kisame Hoshigaki
    Clan: Uchiha Clan

    Ninja Rank: Part I: Anbu
    Ninja Registration: 012110
    Academy Grad Age: 7
    Chunin Prom Age: 10

    Fugaku Uchiha (Father)
    Mikoto Uchiha (Mother)
    Sasuke Uchiha (Brother)

    Nature Type:
    Fire Release
    Water Release

    Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha was a prodigy of Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan. He became an International criminal after murdering his entire clan, sparing only his brother Sasuke. He joined Akatsuki, where he comes into frequent conflict with Konoha and its ninja, including Sasuke, who seeks to avenge their family.

    Character chosen by Airo