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  • Noragami (Anime) Review

    Noragami Review


    Noragami is a recently completed anime, having finished its 12th episode last Monday. Out of all the series I have watched this Winter season, Noragami is definitely my favorite. The plot is original and keeps you interested, but unfortunately not all the conflicts are resolved by the end of the anime.


    The Plot of Noragami

    Yato attacking a phantom

    Noragami is about how a minor deity named Yato, who attempts to fix a problem with a girl that he unintentionally caused. However, he does not know how to fix the girl’s problem, which involves her losing her body and becoming half-human, half-phantom. Throughout the story, Yato encounters several other problems (some that involve the girl) and is forced to deal with them before being able to have any chance of thinking about how to solve the initial issue. Meanwhile, Yato is also doing jobs for 5-yen in order to try to earn enough money to build his own shrine. On top of that, Yato, as a god, is required to defeat evil phantoms. He has a lot on his mind, so he cannot figure out what to do with the girl until the end of the anime.


    The Characters of Noragami

    Characters of Noragami

    There are quite a few characters within Noragami, due to the fact that there are several side conflicts involving them. There are only three main characters: Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori Iki. Yato is an unknown god who has dreams to become the most well-known god out there. He will advertize himself by vandalizing signs and buildings, saying that he will solve your problems fast and also listing his phone number. He usually ends up doing odd and unwanted jobs, but he will not complain and only charge a 5-yen piece for his services. Yukine is Yato’s “shinki,” a human spirit turned into a scared weapon used by gods. Yukine causes a lot of trouble for Yato, and doesn’t seem to want to do any jobs with him, but Yato decides to not get rid of Yukine. Yukine’s weapon name is “Sekki,” and when called that he turns into a silver katana. Hiyori Iki is the girl who continuously loses her body and becomes a half-phantom. She became like this after trying to save Yato from getting hit by a car. She bonds with Yato overtime and eventually refuses to leave him alone. She also becomes Yukine’s friend and helps him get through some of his problems.



    Another Shinki, named Kazuma

    Shinki is the name commonly used to refer to items, tools, or weapons that are made up of loose spirits. Loose spirits are spirits of people who have been murderer or killed in an accident. Another commonly known name for them is Regalia. Regalias can come in many forms, from swords to animals to even clothing. They have two main forms: their “item” form and then their spirit form, in which they look like a human. Since most loose spirits die at a young age, they usually appear to be young, like Yukine, who appears to be in his teens.

    Noragami is a very interesting anime to watch and one that I will recommend. The ending was really cute, but as I said, the anime did not finish all the conflicts. The manga is ongoing, so I am hoping that a possible second season will be made.

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    Overall Score: 9/10