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    The Use of Kekkai in Anime

    Kekkai’s are often seen using in anime/manga and often spoken of as well. For those who do not know, a kekkai is barrier in the ‘small’ scale sense. On the ‘large’ scale, it is referred to as a pocket of the universe. In most anime and manga, kekkai is used as a shield or combative use.


    Examples of Uses in Anime

    Anime: Nurarihyon no Mago

    Created with the use of Onmyoji, it is a kekkai barrier that is over 400 years old. It is used to protect the humans from yokai’s that attempt to enter the town. The more Onmyoji users present, the stronger the barrier. The only one known to successfuly destroy the barrier was Akifusa.

    Anime: Kekkaishi

    Kekkai is the main offensive and defensive combat used in this anime. It is said to be created by three different commands: Hoi, Joso, and Ketsu. Hoi locks onto the target, Joso determines the location of the Kekkai, and Ketsu activates the Kekkai. There are two different kinds of Kekkai as well: Coordinate (non movable) and Conditional (movable).

    Anime: X/1999

    Kekkai in X/1999 are used as spiritual barriers/shields. The Seven Seals can create the shields to protect an area during battle. When activated, it takes the people involved in the battle to another plane of existence. If the user dies, the damage remains. If they live, the damage disappears. These barriers can only be used by people who want to protect another person. If the person they want to protect dies, so does their ability to create the barrier.