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  • Tokyo Babylon: The Sakurazukamori

    The Sakurazukamori

    The Sakurazukamori are assassins. They are actual the best assassin there is to be found. Once they set their eyes on a target, they will eventually get them.

    Sakurazukamori stands for Cherry Blossom burial mound guardian. This onmyouji clan is very mysterious. Black onmyodo empower the Sakurazukamori and they will ‘feed’ the body, soul, and blood to the Sakura trees. The reason why Sakura trees are pink is due to the fact that the roots suck the blood into the leaves.

    Anyone who witnesses the Sakurazukamori in action end up dead. They leave no witnesses behind. The Sakurazukamori usually has both clients and allies and know how to use them to their advantage. According to the Sakurazukamori clan rules, there is only one member at a time. The only way to succeed is to kill the predecessor. It is also said that the Sakurazukamori are killed by there most cherished person, a cruel twist in an already cruel life. Due to all of this, they raise the successor to have no emotion. They are also trained both physically as well as magical abilities.

    Sakurazukamori have a variety of abilities at their disposal. The abilities range from anything like occult, Esoteric cosmology, and even a little mixture of natural science. They rely on things like relics and spells to either confuse or trap the enemy. They will also use physical attacks as well as mental attacks and can call forth creatures, objects, and forces to do what they need them to do.