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  • Look Alikes: Kyo and Otonashi

    Kyo and Otonashi: The Orange Haired Twins

    By Janni Rose


    Kyo Sohma

    Fruits Basket

    Kyo Sohma is cursed by the forever left out cat of the zodiac. He continuously mentions how much he hates his cousin Yuki, the rat. Kyo is hated greatly by Akito, and is abused through his feelings towards Tohru.


    Angel Beats

    Otonashi was transferred to the spirit world, and meets Kanade Tachibina, or Angel, who stabs him, sending him to a hospital bed. He wakes up and joins the SSS, later to fall in love with Kanade.

  • Anime of the Week: Angel Beats

    Anime of the Week: Angel Beats

    Angel Beats

    Hello everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Angel Beats, one of my all time favorite animes. This anime has amazing character development and a great premise that really grips you from the first episode. The basic concept is that our protagonist, Otonashi, wakes up in a high school full of teenagers that have had tortured pasts and when they died they were sent there.

    Angel Beats

    One thing I love is that throughout the whole anime you really connect with the the entire cast, not just the main characters. This, and the fact that it’s packed full of humor and awesome fight scenes as well as plenty of emotional ones, make this anime worth watching. If your looking for an anime that you can watch in a day then lucky you it’s only 12 episodes! I encourage all of you reading this to go and watch Angel Beats! Also just a side note I prefer the English Dub for this anime because I think the dialogue sounds a bit less formal and more loose like the script intended for it to.

    -Neko-chan out! :3