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  • Person 4 Golden (Video Game) Review

    Persona 4 Golden Player Review

    Persona 4 Golden
    Game Cover

    *Spoilers are present*

    Review by Yu

    Format: Digital Download and Physical
    Publisher: Atlus
    Developer: Atlus
    Rating: M
    Cost: $29.99 (US)


    Overview of Persona 4 Golden


    In a small town named Inaba, you play as “Insert your Hero name” or as many know him as Yu Narukami. Recently after Yu comes to Inaba due to his parents’ work, must stay with his uncle for a year, as murders begin to happen. At the same time, a rumor travels about Inaba, where at midnight if you watch the tv while it was turned off the [Midnight Channel] would show your soul mate. Due to this rumor, Yu goes to experience the Midnight Channel, him being partly sucked into his tv, is now about to enter the tv, and meets Teddie along with Chie and Yosuke accompanying you. During their time there, Yu is now able to manifest a Persona known as Izanagi. With his new found abilities, you must discover what the other side of the world hides.


    Characters of Persona 4 Golden

    Persona 4 Golden

    Hero (Yu Narukami or whatever name you want to be called): Now living in Inaba for a year, he is a second year student at Yasogami High School, after his first few days in Inaba, he gains the ability to manifest a Persona. Hero is developed through how you play the game and by the bonds you make as well. Some events need certain development to see these events.

    Yosuke: Second in Command of the Investigation team with Yu as the leader. Hiding that he is tired of Inaba and wants to be in the big city, his your jokester and fun kind of person, with a lot of bad luck that comes his way.

    Chie: This girl loves MEAT, I know that obviously most of you think of that in a perverted way, but she literally loves to eat meat. She’s the athletic girl with a powerful kick but still looks great after eating. She is friends with Yosuke and Yukiko in the beginning and later joins the Investigation team.

    Yukiko: The next generation owner of the Amagi Inn, she is a traditional Japanese girl with a odd sense of humor. She may be traditional but her cooking will knock you out (literally). After facing with her want of being free of the Amagi Inn, she becomes a great asset  to the team.

    Teddie: Being found in the tv world, not much is known about Teddie, except that he has lived in the tv world for a long time. He takes notice of people being thrown into the tv and appearing on the other side. After being bullied alittle by Yu and Yosuke, he joins as a analyzer for the time.

    Kanji: The Reckless Beefcake known as Kanji, is seen as a biker and a hooligan. But what you truly find will amaze you. After dealing with his other self, he will join as the second melee oriented character in the game.

    Rise: Known by the world (In game), as Risette, she leaves the music business and is replaced with another Idol. Now living in Inaba, she must deal with being a victim in the recent murders. Question is if “Yu” can save her.

    Naoto: Known as the Detective Prince, Naoto is very suspicious of this case like going into danger that will cost the detective’s life. One of the greatest assets to the Team.

    Nanako: Daughter of Dojima, and calls Yu, Big Bro. She is a lonely child at home, and grown mature due to the loss of her mother.

    Dojima: the Uncle that you will stay with for a year. He works as a detective for the Inaba Police Department, which can help in your future endeavors.


    Gameplay of Persona 4 Golden

    Persona 4 Golden
    Game Play

    The game works great, loading times don’t take long, combat looks great since it is all 3D. I would compare the combat to Pokemon but a much more tactical and a lot of interactive version of it. You are able to give your teammates orders during battle to do specific things. The game in the city is 3D as well, allowing you to run through Inaba and visiting nearby places.

    This game focuses on choices will can change how people think of you, how they feel about you, and alter your ending. There being about 5+ endings. The drawing of the character faces show how well the game has been worked on and their moods.

    There are some mini games including fishing and bug catching.


    Experience of Persona 4 Golden

    Persona 4 Golden

    I’ve played a total of 209 hours and 22 mins of this game, completing the game about 5 times with different endings. The game is a great narrative and one of the ones that make you think of how people are different and how strong your bond with people can be. Combat is really fun once you start playing and continue to play. I’ve also cried several times in some scenes that you should experience your self. Also once you meet everyone on the Team, you’ll start to think that their actually friends, that’s how great this game is, making it one of the best rated games for the Vita  on IGN and other game review sites.

    Score Rating

    The game is my honest favorite for the Vita, with me giving a 10/10
    -Deep Story with alternate endings based on how you play and interact.^^
    -Great 3D combat^^
    -Replayable for many times^^
    -Deep back story for all of the character bonds available^^
    -Same looking enemies but with different abilities and some appearance changes.

    “**” is for main concerns of the game that may cause you to play the game longer than you intended to or something people might not like.
    “^^” is for great features of the game.