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  • Dragon Ball Z Planets: Namek



    Ruler: Grand Elder Guru

    Strongest Warrior: Nail

    Inhabitants: Namekians

    Orbital Period: 130 days

    Date of Destruction: Age 762

    Having three suns, Namek never has any ‘night time.’ There is, however, a dark side to the planet when shown from afar. Theory is, that the planet is stuck in a tidally locked group of stars and result with the planet not having a day and night cycle. A year in Namek is only 130 days long, much shorter than Earth’s.

    Namek is home to about 100 Namekians in the Age of 762. Other life, such as frogs, fish, and dinosaurs, share the planet as well. The Nameks are the creators of the Dragon Balls and therefore play a key role in the series. They are humanoid, but with sluggish features and green skin. They even have antennas. The name is taken from Japan’s word, namekuji, meaning slug.

    At one time, Namek was once a beautiful landscape of meadows and Ajisa’s. The climate shifted, however, and wiped the majority of the Namekian race out in Age 261. Guru and a few exiled Powered-Up Namekians survived. They sent a child to Earth to ensure the survival of their existence. Guru was slowly able to repopulate Namek since Nameks can produce asexually. He gave birth to 109 Namekians and they began work on restoring the planets vegetation.

    The blissful time would soon pass, though, when Frieza arrives looking for the Dragon Balls. He ends up destroying the planet, but only after he tortures the remaining Namekians and killed a lot of them. Those who died at the hands of Frieza were revived though with the Dragon Balls. The Namekians were forced to live on Earth for about 260 days while a new planet was being scouted for them. They soon moved to the New Namek.

    Namek Dragon Balls are quite different from Earth. Grand Elder a Guru created the balls on Namek. They are larger than the Earth Dragon Balls. They are about the size of a basketball. There are two requirements when it comes to using them. First you must say the password, which happens to be the name of the dragon, Porunga. Second, you may only speak Namekian to Porunga.

    Porunga is a much stronger wish granter. He has the ability to grant three wishes. He can also bring back a mass of people (at first he could only revive one person at a time, but was modified). These a Dragon Balls also only take 130 days, while Earth took a full year. In the anime it is never shown that the Dragon Balls spread across the planet of Namek.