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    Pokemon the Origins Anime Review


    Pokemon the Origin
    Red and Green


    I new it was an origin story but I just thought that Pokemon the Origins was a more detailed account of Ash’s beginnings. It is a basic retelling of the Pokemon Red game though. It was verbatim actually. I am glad it skipped over certain ares though due to lack of interest in them. I really enjoyed the story though. I had played the Red version several times so I knew the story by heart. It was nice to see it in anime format though spanning three episodes long.


    Pokemon the Origin Plot


    Pokemon the Origin
    Index Completion


    Like I said, the main plot line of Pokemon the Origin follows the Pokemon Red Version game. Red is the main character of the story. Since he is named red, it just so happens he gets Charmander as his Pokemon. He and Charmander go through out the world chasing down Pokemon and indexing them into the ultimate Pokemon index. He does how ever have a rival, Green (Blue). He ends up choosing Squirtle like in the game. The two constantly meet up and fight one another. Soon Red goes to the Elite Four to defeat them. At the end he must defeat the final Pokemon master, Green. After Red wins he goes back with his completed index only to find out another one exists. He goes to fight the newly found one, MewTwo to add him to his collection. He now has a Charizard that will under go the Mega Evolution to defeat the final Pokemon.


    Characters of Pokemon the Origin


    Pokemon the Origin
    Red and Green


    The main character of Pokemon the Origin is Red. He is a happy go lucky person that will obtain every Pokemon. He has a great relationship with his Pokemon Charmander making them an unstoppable team. His rival Green is somewhat sleezy and only wants to defeat Red for pure victory. He does not care about obtaining the Pokemon rather than defeating them and capturing them. Red is a bit more in tune with the Pokemon and understands they have feelings as well. This gives him great advantages especially in the MewTwo fight.


    The Red Origin


    Pokemon the Origin


    Like I said it is the exact same as the Pokemon Red game. They do however skip over parts and only highlight areas of interest. Brock is the first main fight of the series, which Red takes down pretty well. Then it skips over to Lavender Town where Red must defeat the ghosts of Pokemon Tower and help out Cubone. After this point Charmander has evolved to Charizard and Red and Green are trying to help out the Sylph Company that Team Rocket took over. Red then obtains the final GymBadge and heads over to the Elite Four. Here he fights them, but the fights are not shown. The final fight is saved for Green who Red must now defeat to get the title of Pokemon master. The fight is over quick and Red heads out to find Mew Two.


    I loved Pokemon the Origin obviously. I played the game enough so it is one of my favorites. The summation of the story into an anime plot was amazing. I really hope they do it for the rest of the games as well. I loved how they highlighted stuff and did not go into to detail, especially since almost any Pokemon fan has played the Red version. The idea to turn it into an anime was great and I hope they continue it at least into the Mew arc. They did hint towards that so hopefully.


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    Overall Grade: 9/10