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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 24 Review

    Sailor Moon Crystal Ep. 24 Review

    Spoilers Ahead

     Act 24


    Black Lady shows her true malice and powers by attacking the Sailor Scouts. She tells Tuxedo Mask to attack them and then kisses him right in front of Sailor Moon. After this, Sailor Moon and Black Lady fight. Once the fight is over, is it told that the Wise man is actually from the Dark Moon Planet. Sailor Pluto’s past comes up at this time as well.

     Black Lady and Wise man

    The battle of the Wise man (with the help of Black Lady) and Sailor Moon rages on. Diana attempts to help, but ends up switching places with Sailor Pluto. The battle starts to become to much for Sailor Moon to fight on and gives up the fight. Instead she tries to talk to her future daughter and tell her it is not too late.

    Tuxedo Mask takes the Silver Crystal
    At this time, Tuxedo Mask is able to steal the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon. When Black Lady thinks she has both the past and future Silver Crystals, Prince Demande takes them from her. He places them close together and threatens everyone’s life. He explains that if they touch, they will explode or worse.
    Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 24 Review
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