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    Rec-kimi ga Naita hi Manga Review


    Rec-kimiga naita hi
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    Rec-kimi ga Naita hi was a really sad manga. At first I thought it might be something completely different. I did not expect what ended up happening. I thought some guy would save the main female character and fall in love. He use to be famous so why not let the lonely girl in the back get him right? Well not the case at all. She does get him but in a totally different way.


    Rec-kimi ga Naita hi Plot


    Rec-kimiga naita hi
    Plot Line


    Aizawa Minami is a very unsociable girl. She claims to have never cried in her life. She is awkward and can not show her feelings well at all. So she carries a camcorder around with her records certain things. Due to her quirk, most kids make fun of her and even spread a rumor around she killed a cat. She is alienated and becomes a loner until a certain child hood star named Satoru joins her class. He quickly tries to make friends with her. He finds out she did not kill the cat, just tried to save it. He ends up taking the kitten home with him to watch over. The two form a friendship and soon a relationship.
    She soon finds out the reason why he left the acting business and decided to come back to real teenage life. He has a life threatening disease he will soon die from. As Satoru fights the illness, Aizawa stays by his side to get him through the worst, as well as record his last moments.


    Rec-kimi ga Naita hi Characters


    Rec-kimiga naita hi


    Aizawa is a loner girl. She was alienated from her friends due to her weird quirk of recording things. She is victim to many rumors and ridicules. She holds her own and has a soft interior that no one has seen. Satoru is the only one to become her friend. He was once a child actor but left the business to have a regular teenage life. He actually holds a secret to himself that only Aizawa knows, he will die soon of a life threatening disease. He is a soft kind hearted kid only awaiting his death.


    Rec-kimi ga Naita hi The Recording


    Rec-kimiga naita hi
    The Tears


    Satoru aska Aizawa to record his last moments so the audience would get the true feeling of what is happening. She once told Satoru that she did not record human beings, but only made the exception for his last wrenching moments. When the station goes to air their big movie production, the recordings are switched and teh true last moments of Satoru the actor are shown on TV. The true Satoru, not the actor.


    Like I said, the manga was great. It was very short though. I liked how the focus was only on the two characters Aizawa and Satoru. Their character development was really good for such a short manga. It is a sad read and a bit hard to get through the end, but well worth it. Any fan of a good sad manga should read this one.


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    Overall Grade: 9/10