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  • Love Lab (Anime) Review

    Love Lab Anime Review

    Love Lab

    So I started the anime expecting it to be some romance type series, and it was…I guess…but then we learn the student council president has a hug pillow that she makes out with…(so I skipped some plot details as to why we learn this, though if you watch the anime, you will see why). I found myself going “what the … did I just finish watching?” After the first episode, but it was not in some bad way…the series just seemed kind of odd… In the end though, I was glad I watched Love Lab.


    Plot of Love Lab

    Love Lab

    Kurahashi Riko, a somewhat “wild” girl at Fujisaki Girls Academy, has to go to the student council room for something, and that’s when she sees the president, Maki Natsuo, kissing a hug pillow. Apparently, Maki has no romantic experience, and ends up convinced that Riko is a master of love (nothing could be further from the truth). This leads to Maki and Riko doing tests of sorts in the student council room for Maki to learn how to make boys like her. Eventually, three other girls join, they are the student council secretary, the treasurer, and the “president”. All five of these girls participate in the “love labs”, and try to learn from Riko how to be popular with boys. (this is about as vague as I can get about the plot, but this is a comedy, and the gags about each character are somewhat entertaining).


    Characters of Love Lab

    Love Lab

    So “Love Lab” has five major characters; Riko Kurahashi, Maki Natsuo, Tanahashi Suzune, Enomoto Yuika, and Mizushima Sayori. Each of them has their own quirkiness that makes the show more enjoyable (I found Maki to be the best of them, just because I enjoy the whole “girl who is perfect but actually a weirdo” scenario). Riko is the “wild one”, who is not overly fond of the rules of proper ladies, Maki is the perfect student/weird fetishy (she can be described as that, I think…) girl, Suzune is the quiet girl who actually really enjoys making slapsticks to beat people with, Sayori is the sadist, and Enomoto is the most stereotypical tsundere ever.

    All the characters were fairly well used, and not left out too much. Though all of them did follow some of the usual romance/comedy cliches, the anime did well to use them. Never once did I feel as if the characters were dull or lifeless, even though the actions and attitudes of them are used in many different series as well.


    Love Lab

    So if the vague ramblings made no sense, or did not help with your decision to watch this series, maybe this will… No, in all seriousness though, I loved “Love Lab”. Throughout the series, we meet some of the boys in Riko’s life, and we have to bear through her lie about being a love master. Though the ending was fairly unexpected, the rest of the show was somewhat predictable. I felt it was the minute details though that made the series good, as they were just some small changes to general scenes… (And if that did not help either…).

    The series as a whole was a solid 8/10. Not the best anime ever, but it was so much better than many romance/comedy series I’ve seen before. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys girls teaching other girls about getting a boyfriend (in a semi-clean way though, no sexual themes).


    – Gilded Hero