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  • Sword Art Online Progressive (Manga) Review

    Sword Art Online Progressive Manga Review

    Sword Art Online
    Progressive Manga Cover

    I honestly had just thought that Sword Art Online Progressive was another side story. Instead it is actually a retelling of the first floor boss battle. It starts out weird, making you think it is another side story, but eventually gets into the story. A few new characters are seen in the story as well as new ‘footage’ so to speak. You also get to see a more perverted side of Kirito and a more intimate side of Asuna.


    Progressive Plot

    Sword Art Online
    Manga Page of Progressive

    The story of SAO Progressive starts out a little weird. Asuna is in reality and at her house. Basically you get a little back story on her life before the incident of SAO. She is worried about not passing a test (or something) and not being able to go to a good college. You find out that it is a dream she having in SAO. She has lingering thoughts of not being able to get into a good college now due to the circumstances. She basically is starving herself to fatigue in the game and not properly taking care of herself. During a fight a man comes to save her at the last minute. It happens to be Kirito. He begins to talk her out of suicidal tendencies and teaches her to fight with her Sword Skills more accurately.

    Diabel is holding a meeting to gather the strongest players to defeat the first level boss. Both Asuna and Kirito end up at the meeting. It is here the two party up and Kirito invites her to stay at his place. At first she refuses but after he mentions a bath room she quickly takes his offer. Soon after they go to defeat the boss on the first floor. Through out the fight people die, mainly Diabel. Asuna announces that Kirito is in charge per Diabel to help quicken the boss battle fight. Here the manga ends, but is suppose to continue soon.


    Characters of Progressive

    Sword Art Online
    Characters of SAO Progressive

    All of the characters from the second episode are present throughout SAO Progressive. Asuna takes place as the main character while Kirito takes the side character. The only new character so to speak is Rat. He gives information to people but sometimes at a price. He likes to rip people off and also give false information to others. He seems to like Kirito and Asuna and tends to stay around them the most. He is a small kid with a hooded cape.

    Progressive Bonus

    Sword Art Online

    Progressive does come with a small bonus, Asuna taking a bath. Yes that is right, within this manga Asuna does take a bath and things are seen slightly. She sinks into the tub thinking of her past and life before SAO and how she got stuck in here playing a game meant for her brother. Kirito is in the other room fending off Rat, the curious information giver. He wants to sell this information at a high price since Asuna is the ‘cutest’ SAO female player.

    All in all, Progressive was a great manga. I loved how they went into more detail about the first boss battle. Even if it still has not officially ended, the story and characters were great. It stuck to the art of SAO and the basic storyline. I was impressed with this manga and would recommend it to any Sword Art Online fan.

    Sword Art Online Progressive Grade: 8 out of 10

  • Sword Art Online Aincrad (Light Novel) Review

    Sword Art Online Aincrad Review

    Volume One

    When I picked up the first light novel of Sword Art Online, I expected it to be a little more in depth than the anime. To my surprise, the anime followed it very closely except for one part (Chapter 16.5). I really just want a more in depth account of their time in SAO. I think it would be really cool to hear about what happened in there and how people adapted to the situation. I guess I will have to wait to read it later on in the Progressive novels.



    The plot of SAO

    Sword Art Online Aincrad Volume One is about the death game called Sword Art Online. Kayaba Akihiko has created the first VRMMORPG and only 10,000 players are able to play the game during the launch. When all players are logged on he announces that they can not get out without beating the game. If you die in the game you also die in reality as well. Thus the players are reluctant and slowly start to beat the game.

    The story follows one main character, Kirito. He is fourteen when he first logs onto Sword Art Online. The story follows his accounts throughout SAO and his transformation into an adult. He mostly works alone until a Knights of Blood Guild member becomes his ally. Her name is Asuna and she is second in command of the KoB. The two fall in love and eventually get married in the game. When it is time to fight the boss on the 74th floor, the two go back to the front lines to fight. Here a secret of the KoB guild leader, Heathcliff, is let out. The game changes and Kirito has a chance to beat the game, but may risk death.



    Sword Art Online
    Kirito and Cline

    Kirito is the main character of Sword Art Online. He basically stays to himself through out the game. He prefers to fight on the front lines by himself until a boss battle and will usually help out the Knights of Blood Guild. He is known as the black swordsman and it is later revealed that he has a special skill called Duel Blades. Other than Heathcliff, Kirito is the only other known player with a special skill. He eventually partners up with Asuna. She is the most beautiful female player of SAO and the other main character of the book. She is a the second in command of the Knights of Blood and is a very fast swordsman. She is known as The Flash to most SAO players. The two kids fall in love and get married as well.

    Egil is the owner of a shop. He is an axe wielder and sells at low prices to help out other SAO front line players. He rarely ever participates in fights, but his strength is really good. Cline is another SAO character that shows up a lot. He is the guild leader of the Fuurinkazan. He is a friend of Kirito’s and helps him out at times through out the game.

    Heathcliff is the leader of the Knights of Blood Guild. He has a special skill called Holy Sword. He beats Kirito once to make him join the KoB guild. Kirito finds his fighting style a bit unusual and has a revelation of him towards the end of the book.



    Sword Art Online
    Heathcliff vs Kirito

    There are honestly not many differences between the anime and the light novel of Sword Art Online. I think the one difference that was not in the anime that I noticed was when Kirito, Godfrey, and Kuradeel go to train for the KoB test. Another memeber actually goes with them in the light novel. Kirito and the others never mention his name though. Of course there was also the chapter 16.5 that was not in the anime. It is hinted though that Kirito and Asuna have intercourse in the anime on their honeymoon.


    Chapter 16.5

    Sword Art Online
    Chapter 16.5

    Chapter 16.5 is only int eh unrated version of the books. I highly doubt they will include this section in all USA releases. This is the chapter where Asuna explains to Kirito that there is the ability to have sex and the two do it. The chapter is very detailed. A little hard to get through at first but I pushed through it, feeling it was crucial to the story of SAO. It is crucial in way. It allows the reader to know how detailed the game actually is and how real in can feel to the characters. Be warned if you choose to read this section.


    Overall the book was a great read. I really liked reading the book and getting a different emotion for the characters. Not a lot is different from the anime though. I wish that it had been a little more detailed but I guess that is why they call it a light novel.

    Sword Art Online Aincrad Volume One Grade: 8 out of 10

  • Sword Art Online: Girls Ops (Manga) Review

    Girls Ops Ring of Angels Whisper

    Sword Art Online
    Angel NPC

    This item is a familiar to Lizbeth and Silica. Its origins is Sword Art Online. The description reads “Grants Eternal Bonds Between The Companions Who Exchanges Them.” Silica received one from Kirito during the SAO incident. His only intentions were to keep track of Silica and used it like a phone. To acquire the rings one must go through te Demonic Beast at the Abandoned Tower. Apparently it is a bunny like monster, but the new ALO version has stepped the game up a bit.


    When, and if, this manga continues, it will be great. The manga story and feeling was much like Reki Kawahara. The writer knew how to get in touch with Kawahara’s story telling. Recreating a new story and keeping the tone is very hard sometimes. This manga is not one to miss out one, even if it is not finished.

    Sword Art Online Girls Ops Grade: 8 out of 10

  • Character of the Week: Kirito


    by Milly

    Anime/manga: sword art online


    Other names: Kirigaya, kiri
    Age: 16
    Birthdate: October 7th 2008
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 59kg
    Blood type: A
    Weapons: Elicidator, Excalibur



    Kirito is one of the main characters of Sword Art Online. Kirito isn’t that good with words so he has quite a quiet personality. However when it comes to fights his personality becomes overconfident and loud. He ends up saving the players from the SAO game and falls in love with Asuna along the way.

  • Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment (Video Game) Review

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Player Review

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragments
    PSVITA game cover

    *Spoilers are present*

    Review by Yu


    Format: Digital Download



    Rating: T

    Cost: $39.99 (US)


    Overview of SAO Hollow Fragments

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    Hollow Area

    To start, Hollow Fragment takes place in a alternative ending to Sword Art Online (Anime), where a glitch in the game, causes Heathcliff to disappear before the finishing blow.

    Now with nothing to do and unable to log out of the game, Kirito and 108 Members of the Assault Team including Agil, Klein, Asuna, Silica, and Lizbeth must continue from Floor 76 to Floor 100, while being unable to return the lower Floors of Aincrad (#1-75).

    Along with the glitch, it made the game unstable and unlocked a new area to Kirito known as the “Hollow Area”. Here is where we meet Philia, a female Treasure Hunter, who has been trapped in the Hollow Area unable to return to Aincrad. As the game starts you learn that this Area has High Level Monsters, including Floor Bosses that have been weakened to the point that two people can take them down (So far from what I’ve seen, you can fight the Grim Reaper (Floor 75 Boss) and Ilfang the Kobold Lord (Floor 1 Boss)). No more details of the Hollow Area will be released.


    Characters of SAO Hollow Fragments

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    Create Your Character

    The Main Characters that return to this alternate version of SAO return. Including Kirito, Asuna, Yui, Agil, Klein, Lizbeth, and Silica (with Pina of course). The new Side Main Characters are Suguha (Kirito’s sister) who during this time plays ALO (Even thou ALO was made after SAO was shut down), but because of the glitch in the game, transfers her in to SAO, where she sees Kirito again for the first time in 2 years. Sinon, who during this time, was in use of a therapy version of the NervGear (most likely due to her fear of guns) and has lost her memory. Next is Strea, a girl that sudden appeared to Kirito, while following him through Floor 76, not much is known in the beginning about her, time will tell who she really is. Finally Philia, a Treasure Hunter who has been trapped in the Hollow Area, unable to leave, not much is known of her past. You can expect to see some side characters from the show like Argo, the Info Broker, who helped Kirito find the Revival Item for Sachi.


    Gameplay of SAO Hollow Fragment

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    Game Play

    The game is designed to feel like a MMO, but it is a illusion, and so people know, it is free roam. The game moves very well in the field and in the city. You can expect some lag in high populated areas of the main Root Town (Arc Sophia). The graphics look great move smoothly and feels great.  It has a Dating Feature in the game, so you can date any of the female characters (or Klein, or everyone). The game includes Co-op, but only locally and takes place only in the Hollow Area, and a Concealed Area.

    Fighting in the game focuses on BURST and SKILL Attacks. BURST is like where you just started a fight and full of energy and does more damage, but has to be used wisely along with the RISK bars, which is the form of how angry the monster is at you, at this time you would SWITCH with your PARTNER, to reduce the RISK, Switch can NOT be used over and over, it has to recharge before using it again. SKILLS are your main asset in SAO, they are your strong attacks you use and also your Finishers as well.­ SKILLS do require a cost, for this game it is SP, regular attack skills use 100 out of a total of 300 (Unless you upgrade your skills).

    Great anime and animated cutscenes to it making it a Graphic Novel as well.

    Also just like the show, there are different weapons that you can use not just Kirito’s Dual Blades. Plus you don’t have to keep him too, you can make your own character, but it can only be male, but you can try to make your Kirito look feminine if you would like.


    Experience Opinion of SAO Hollow Fragment

    Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment
    I have played over a total of 18 hours in the game and currently on Floor 80. I honestly enjoy this game very much since it is a good action narrative game, along with the free roam and the exploration of the Unreleased Floors of Aincrad (76 – 100). Plus I can’t wait till I reach Floor 100 to see this alternative ending to the Sword Art Online Franchise.


    Score Rating

    I give the Game a 9/10
    -DLC Available (Including one for 30 extra hours of content, date unannounced)
    -Free Roam
    -MMO Feel
    -Great Narrative and Cutscenes
    -New Untold side of SAO
    -Only Local Coop**
    -Hack & Slash
    -Large Skill Tree that takes long to master a skill**
    -Leveling up is hard and takes time and many battles**

    “**” is for main concerns of the game that may cause you to play the game longer than you intended to or something people might not like.­

  • Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online

    Sword Art Online II: Gun Gale Online


    Sword Art Online Season 2
    Sinon and Kirito

    Sword Art Online was such a big hit, but not satisfying enough. Now the next installment of the light novel series is considered for adaption. With it already being confirmed, most people may want to know what is in store. One can only assume the story will follow the light novel of the GGO arc. Most people will argue this as the third season, but in reality it is the third arc.


    Gun Gale Online Light Novel Plot

    Sword Art Online Season 2

    The light novel of Sword Art Online: GGO arc follows Kirito into a new VRMMORPG. Within this game guns are the primary weapons while lightsabers and knifes are subsidiary weapons. People have recently died from the game when their avatars are killed. Sinon, a new character, has asked Kirito for help in solving the case. He leaps into the game in search for the murderers. Come to find out, three people have created an avatar called Death Gun. He carries a special weapon that kills both user and avatar at the same time. Two of those three people happen to have been part of the Laughing Coffin game from Sword Art Online. The adventure of Kirito continues again in Gun Gale Online.


    Gun Gale Online New Character

    Sword Art Online Season 2
    Sinon the Sniper

    Sinon is the new female character for this arc. Her real name is Shino Asada. She is a female sniper in GGO, who started the game to get over a childhood trauma that happened with guns. She owns a rare gun called the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II. At first Kirito is considered to be an opponent due to the games large competitiveness of the game. She also develops feelings for him like his other female game partners. She also joins ALfheim Online as a Cait Sith archer. Asuna gives her the nickname Sinonon.


    Gun Gale Online New Feature

    Sword Art Online Season 2

    There is a new feature involved with Gun Gale Online, you can make real money. Within the game a player is competing against others and can earn money and use it in the real world. This gives a lot of people reason to play this game. Many people even use it as their profession and earn a lot of cash.


    I am excited to see this new arc come out. I have heard rumors that it will be airing around the same time that the newest game, Hollow Fragments, is released in April of 2014. Hopefully it will follow closely to the light novels much like the first two arcs. I also would like it if the new arc covered the whole season, there are a lot of nice twists in the light as well that may take place.


    Sword Art Online II Trailer