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    Sasameki Koto Anime Review


    Sasameki Koto
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    When I first began Sasameki Koto I expected the love story to end happily. I really thought that in the end Sumeki would get Ushio. I should have known better knowing how Yuri’s tend to end. Well at least the ones I have seen. News flash, they do not get together in the end. The anime was great none the less. A far superior plot line to Strawberry Panic! There are actually developments within the story line and characters that are all relative to the plot. I would recommend this as an excellent Slice of Life anime.


    Sasameki Koto Plot


    Sasameki Koto
    Screenshot of Sumika and Ushio


    Basically for a while now, Sumeki has had a crush on her best friend Ushio. The reason is due to the fact that Sumeki is awkwardly tall and athletic while Ushio is cute and shorter. Sumeki may secretly be into Ushio, but Ushio is well known for liking girls. She has a particular taste, mostly the sexy cute kind. Soon Sumeki finds herself in another love story with a boy named Masaki Akemiya. He has a crush on her even though he knows she likes girls. He soon begins to cross dress and finds himself being hired as a model. The whole plot is for Sumeki to get the attention of Ushio, but never really obtaining it. Towards the end she finally does get eh chance, but the two remain friends. Sumeki feels as though this is the best relationship with Ushio she can have.

    Another subplot of the anime is the Girls Club. A club created by Tomoe for girl loving girls only. Her and her girlfriend Miyako are the only two now lesbians in the class.


    Sasameki Koto Characters


    Sasameki Koto
    Characters of Sasameki Koto


    Sumeki is the main character of Sasameki Koto. She is athletic and her dad happens to be a Dojo master. She is a bit awkward for this and to top it all off she is tall and has glasses as well. She has a huge crush on her best friend Ushio. Ushio lives with her brother. She is a cute naive girl who often falls for girls but is never reciprocated. She actually has feelings for Sumeki but never acts on them due to a past mistake.

    Tomoe and Miyaki are the couple of the group. The two created the Girls Club only allowing girls that like girls in the club (with a few exceptions). Tomoe is actually 18 but took a few years out of high school to help save her family company. Miyaki is hit on by all the guys due to her beauty. She is called the Princess.

    Masaki is the only main male character. He has a crush on Sumeki and dresses up as a girl to get her attention. Only his sister blackmails him into sending his picture into a magazine and is hired as a model. Ushio begins to have a crush on the model that Masaki is portraying.


    Sasameki Tease


    Sasameki Koto
    Whispered Love


    Honestly the series was a tease to me. I know the manga probably continues and they get together, but in the anime they do not. Sumeki and Ushio deserve to be together. The two clearly had unspoken feelings for the other, but they never say it. When it is finally put out there, they just remain friends. I feel like at this point the manga continues and they do get together. I hope this is the case.


    I felt like I wasted my time watching if for that purpose alone. The story other than that aspect was great though. I normally do not like Slice of Life anime’s because I find them boring, but this one was great. Any Otaku into the Slice of Life anime should really watch Sasameki Koto. You will not be disappointing in the story line.


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    Overall Grade: 7/10