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  • Dendrobates (Manga) Review

    Dendrobates: The Ruthless Vigilante

    Watch out Batman


    Dendrobates, a rather simple but very intriguing manga packed with action and some comedy. I should mention  that this series bring some disturbing material. So if you’re too young then you should probably take a step back from it, though it’s your own choice. Our main character Sengawa works as an accountant for the police. At night he turns into a vigilante – ruthless towards whoever deserves it. You can say he has a strong sense of justice but he denies it – just calling himself a killer.

    It all has a touch of ‘Death Note’ to it. But don’t worry if you think this series is a clichè – because it’s definitely not, it has a lot to offer. The beginning of Dendrobates is slow but it’s fun and intriguing to read nonetheless. Sengawa has a reckless disregard for the system, his brutality and the steadiness of his own view of life. He has a mysterious past, one unlikely to be good and with a singular purpose of his own making. And that is to avenge crimes, for which he can be hired for fairy little – since he doesn’t care for it.


    Plot of Dendrobates

    As I mentioned, the beginning is slow so don’t let it fool you – many series starts of slow. The overarching plot itself is not actually addressed until much later in the course of the manga. At the very least, this does not distract from the enjoyment of seeing some villains get knocked off in the most elaborate and gruesome of ways. Now it does have some issues. First of, Sengawa – the dude is an enigma yet contributes to the max. Second is development which can turn one off.


    Dendrobates Overall

    Now the art is quite dark. It portray the vileness of people and delves into the starkness of the landscape. It focuses on the eyes and evil smiles in order to reveal the true nature of our dark sides. We aren’t only foul on the outside. There’s plenty of gore too, to highlight the brutality of the murders but it doesn’t go over to top with it.

    Want a gun-filled action?

    Then Dendrobates is for you!