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  • Lovely Complex (Anime) Review

    Lovely Complex Anime Review

    Warning: May contain minor spoilers for the Lovely Complex anime.

    Summary of Lovely Complex: 

    Koizumi Risa, a taller than average girl, and Atsushi Otani, a shorter than average boy, have been known as the comedy duo of their class ever since their first year of high school. Although they have a mutual dislike for each other, they soon develop an unlikely friendship when Risa agrees to try to get Otani together with her friend and vice versa.

    When these plans don’t succeed, however, only time will tell what the two outgoing and loud teens have in store for each other.

    Plot of Lovely Complex: 

    The plot, although simple at first glance and at times incredibly cliche, is actually very entertaining due to the actions and reactions that both main characters take/have. I mean, two rash and “mentally-challenged” teens are bound to get themselves into some crazy situations.

    Also, this anime takes a completely different change of pace, which in this case means that the characters don’t get together at the very end of the series, but rather the middle. That gives the show opportunities to build up on their relationship and let the audience follow the two as they struggle through some of the problems that come with maintaining said relationship.

    However, although I liked the plot for the most part, there were some problems with it in general.

    A downfall of the anime is the use of cliches to start off a mini arc in the story and the overuse of unrealistic tropes. I mean, in real life, if your a guy who’s shorter than most girls, there is no way that you’re going to have so many girls crushing on you. Also, they use the SAME PLOT in two separate arcs, just with the roles reversed.

    Overall, still a very entertaining plot.

    Score: 8.2/10

    Characters of Lovely Complex: 

    What I like about this anime is the non-cliche characters (or at least the main ones). Not often do you find a couple where both people are not complete opposites. In fact, Risa and Otani are actually very alike. Yet, the anime is set up in a way that keeps it interesting and have you rooting for them to get together the whole time.

    Risa’s problems, specifically, are very relatable and/or realistic. Never having been in a real relationship unlike Otani, some of the situations that she has to face make sense, which is something I always look forward to in slice of life or romance anime.

    On the other hand, the side characters were all either annoying or underdeveloped. Risa’s friends, Nobu and Chiharu could’ve added more, and Suzuki and Nakao as well. They aren’t necessarily bad characters, just ones that should’ve played an active part in the overall story. Mimi was irritating. She can go jump off a cliff ASAP.

    Score: 8.5/10

    The Animation of Lovely Complex: 

    The art was okay. It’s not my personal favorite, but it does its job well for what it had to offer. I just wish that some parts hadn’t been as choppy as they had been, but I do appreciate that they upped the budget a little for the more important scenes that had to be emphasized.

    Besides, I have to give the animators some credit; those facial expressions are absolutely legendary.

    Score: 7.6/10

    The Soundtrack of Lovely Complex: 

    The music was pretty mediocre though, so it’s not very memorable. It nevertheless sets the mood nicely enough, so I have no major problems with it. The first opening was pretty catchy, I have to admit.

    Score: 7.7/10

    Overall Enjoyment of Lovely Complex: 

    This anime was very enjoyable in the long run. You’ll find yourself being emotionally invested in the main couple, and most of the characters were lovable or likeable in their own right. The plot started off a little cliche, but amounted to something bigger in the end, and the scenery/music was good enough to keep you captivated. If it weren’t for the presentation of the anime, I would’ve given it a much higher score.

    Score: 8.7/10

    And so…

    Plot: 8.2/10
    Characters: 8.5/10
    Animation: 7.6/10
    Soundtrack: 7.7/10
    Overall Enjoyment: 8.7/10

    FINAL SCORE: 8.14/10

    I recommend this anime to pretty much any shoujo fan. This was definitely tons of fun to watch.

    Thanks for reading!


  • Those Shoujo Cliches

    Those Shoujo Cliches


    Shoujo is based on human emotions and teenagers. It is aimed at girls between the ages of 10 to 19. IF you are on the Anime Amino app, I have gone over Shoujo in a more detailed blog. This blog is based on the genre of romance, comedy Shoujo’s, in particular Shoujo mangas.


    How the Heroine Meets Her Crush/Love in Shoujo’s

    She’s late for school, runs around the corner and manages to run straight into some cool and handsome guy.


    He coincidentally goes to the same school.


    He may be a gorgeous transfer student, the Mr. Popular guy who is good at everything and has the looks to go with it.


    He may be the silent boy being saved after harassment from weirdos.


    Favorite Cliche in Shoujo


    Childhood friends, weird but I find it so cute! When two characters are childhood friends and then end up together! What is not cute about that?


    Male characters who do not realize a female character is in love until halfway through the series. They may be oblivious to the situation, but you know they will end up together.


    A few of my other favorites; Master-Servant relationships, traveling with a cool evil guy, genderbenders, ugly duckling syndrome, and time interwinds and the heroine ends up in the past.


    Hated Shoujo Cliche’s


    Characters get touchy feely and yet the mangaka draws them so that they look like a 10!! Not going to mention any names, but I do not like it.


    The clumsy Heroine who is stupid and clumsy, but somehow manages to get all the guys. So annoying.


    Reverse Harems in which the heroine rarely ends up with any of the male characters.


    Running away from a confession.


    I seem to have a love/hate relationship with cliche’s, but don’t we all?


    Blogs by
    Ginny T. UK.Surrey based/AnimeAmino Original blog.
    Instagram: @gin.98

  • Nana (Anime) Review

    Nana Anime Review
    Nana Anime

    The table was her stage, the mobile phone was the microphone and the moon was the spotlight that kind of magic only Nana could make happen. Nana Komatsu, a fragile and insecure girl, hopes that moving to Tokyo will help her start a new beginning. She plans to leave her fruitless love life behind. In the meantime, another Nana arrives in the city determined to become the best vocalist on the best rock stage of Japan. She has no intention of a future as a lovely housewife. Although the two young women are so different, they quickly make a strong bond. Prepare to experience the world of love, music, fashion, and gossip as the two live through the troubles and joys of the path they have in store for them. Will this show conquer a place at the top charts? Let us find out.

    What follows is my review of this relatively unknown gem, Nana. A romance/slice of life/music/drama josei written and drawn by Ai Yazawa and later adapted into a 47 episodes anime series (the one we’re reviewing). We’re analyzing Animation, Characters, Sound, Story and Personal Enjoyment. For those who do not know what a josei is… It’s the adult version of shoujo.

    Animation and Art of Nana

    Score 8/10

    Nana Anime

    Ai Yazawa has a firm and unique trait that can make me recognize any of her works instantly. There must be something good about it right? The series has wonderfully drawn characters, especially their clothing and fashion sense as it’s one of the main highlights of the series. If you are used to characters wearing one set of clothing for the whole series then prepare to be astonished. Animation is nothing too mind blowing but it’s more than fulfilling for a 2006 series. The scenes that have intense animation are not physical fights but music concerts at a stage, everything does its job brilliantly. Also the eyes and expressions are rich with feelings.

    Characters of Nana

    Score 10/10
    Nana Anime

    This is arguably the best part of Nana, even though everyone is entitled to one’s own opinion. What sets this apart from the rest of the works with similar genre and themes is the crude and endearing realism that surrounds the whole series and its characters. “Relationships” is the key word in this show and it’s a genuine masterpiece at making them captivatingly complex. Situations and characters feel so alive and relatable that it hurts. It doesn’t take a long time before you are dragged inside the world of Nana. You feel for every character. You will love guy X and hate girl Y, but with such a passion that few shows can make you experience this level of personal involvement. The contrast between the two Nanas are amazing. So different yet so compatible with each other, and Nana Osaki… She is amazing beyond words.

    Soundtrack and Acting of Nana

    Score 9/10
    Nana Anime

    Nana is about music and its world right ? We’ll explore its progression in the next section. This is about the musical score and the voice acting. The series is not based on background music but it’s rather a song based series. Indeed we have a remarkable number of tunes by Japanese artists that most resemble Nana and her mentality, her dreams. Even if you dislike rock and similar genres, the songs are never too invasive and you’re too busy cheering for Nana to care about it too much. As for the acting… It’s an imperative that you will watch this show in Japanese dub. The cast has the best group of talents and veterans I’ve ever seen in this genre of animation. Romi Paku I obsessively love you…

    Story and Pacing of Nana

    Score 8/10
    Nana Anime

    This part is what ultimately gives Nana a not so perfect score, but it’s not a fault in itself. Let me explain. The anime ends half way through the manga and there is a feeling of “come back for more”. The manga continues right ? Yes and no. Unfortunately the manga has been on a hiatus since 2010 leaving all fans to starve as the manga is even better after the anime ends. It becomes notably darker than the original series. This is an adult series and it’s clearly visible like the sun in a morning of summer. We often have highly controversial themes the characters are drawn into, the show doesn’t try to be shy at all and slaps everything in your face. the result is quite blunt yet rewarding overall (careful for those who are morally sensible!).

    Personal Enjoyment of Nana

    Score 10/10
    Nana Anime

    This is the purely subjective part of the review. What Nana gave me and how I reacted to it, its characters and its themes and situations. I’m not usually into these kind of shows, but they are giving me things that other shows do not have. Do not judge a series by its genre but by its content. I was absorbed into the series for all the run, cheering, fan boying, hating and rejoicing. When the characters were happy, I was dragged into that vibe as well, and I suffered along with them when life hit them harshly. Remember that the perfectly happy ending to life does not exist, sacrifices are made and things are lost.

    Overall Score 9.0/10

    – Humble Reaper from Anime Amino, Italy (Sicily)