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  • Attack on Titan (Anime) Review

    Attack on Titan Anime Review


    Attack on Titan

    Attack on Titan has been praised for the characters, story line, and animation. I think I watched a different story from the masses. While everyone was telling me how amazing it is, I kept waiting and got nothing. What is worse, the story is not even finished and no season two as of yet. The only thing I looked forward to was the fight scenes. I would recommend this to people who want mindless gore, no story, undeveloped characters, and “good” (?!) animation.


    Attack on Titan Plot


    Attack on Titan
    Mindless Eating

    The plot of Attack on Titan basically surrounds these three friends, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. When they were little, human like monsters called Titans attacked the outer wall of the humans ‘cage.’ Eren’s mother was killed and he and Mikasa were forced to the second wall as most people who were evacuated. Eren’s father shows up briefly in a dream and gives Eren a shot and a key. Armin happened to make it there as well with his grandfather. His grandfather is later killed and the three decide to go into the army. They basically train for a few episodes until the same Titan attacks the second wall. Here things start to get interesting. It is five years after the first attack. Eren and his classmates are finishing up some work when the Titan suddenly appears. He takes command and orders an attack. The wall is breached none the less and Titans get into the city. Much to everyone’s surprise, Eren is eaten by a Titan. Here he turns into a Titan and begins killing other Titans. His Titan form eventually wears off, but the city belongs to the Titans still. Eren comes out the back of the Titan’s neck and Mikasa rescues him. People see him as a threat and attempt to kill him, but others see him as a secret weapon. He saves the second wall by turning into a Titan and placing a large rock in the hole. He joins the Survey Corps with everyone from his graduating class excluding a girl named Annie. The Survey Corps under Erwin’s and Levi’s control take on the challenge of taking the first wall back. Eren is used as bait instead to get a new female Titan that was discovered, but she gets away (almost with Eren!) and causes heavy casualties. They head back to basically turn Eren over to be killed due to the fact they failed the mission. Here Armin comes up with a plan to smoke the female Titan out. He discovered the female Titan was like Eren, meaning she had a human form as well. Annie turns out to be the female Titan (go figure). From here the story basically comes to a screeching stop. The one interest to me was what was in the basement at Eren’s house. That was what the key was for and could solve the problem of the Titans… The mystery of the key and how Eren is able to turn into a Titan is never answered, don’t get your hopes up.


    Attack on Titan Characters


    Attack on Titan

    The characters of Attack on Titan are your run of the mill characters. You have the clueless hero who can turn into a badass pretty quick, Eren Jeager. He is the main character and like any other as well. You also have the quiet and dark, but yet very protective and strong female, Mikasa Ackerman. She is Eren’s friend and ‘adopted’ sister. She is really strong and very quiet like every other female character that is a good guy, but can kick your butt. Then you have Armin, the intelligent, but weak and harmless creature. These are the three main characters and they never develop at all.

    Other characters include the god-like Levi who can kill anything and never get a scratch, the handsome and yet ruthless Erwin, the crazy scientist Zoe, and the obvious ‘bad guy’, Annie. The only character that ever actually goes through a development is Jean Kirstein. He was always talking about how he would join the Military Brigade to be safe in the middle of the city. He wanted to live a life of freedom and fear of the Titans. He eventually undergoes a change and joins the Survey Corps. He has excellent leadership skills and a great personality.. well almost great.


    Attack on Titan Fight Scenes


    Attack on Titan
    Fight Scene

    The one good thing about Attack on Titan and the animation is the fight scenes. I lived for those scenes alone. They were amazing and the animation worked well here. The dark lines around the characters seemed to disappear and the onslaught began. The military plans were great and I basically loved episodes 17 through 22. It was nothing but action! I am all for blood and what not in my anime, but this one did over do it a little. Some scenes were completely unnecessary. I am just glad they didn’t show Eren’s mom being eaten. That would have been terrible.


    Attack on Titan was a good watch, but it does not deserve all the hype it has been receiving. Like I said the story was good, but it will be better when it is finished. The characters hopefully just didn’t have enough time to develop and maybe will later on through out the manga. The fight scenes can only get better, they are just so amazing. The 3D device is definitely a great piece of equipment to use. When the anime finishes, I feel as though it will be better, but as it stands it is not looking good at all.


    Overall Grade: 4/10