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    Breathing in Space

    Please be advised this article is not for the squeamish.

    Recently I was on Facebook and I happened upon an article (through the page I F****** Love Science):


    It speaks of what happens when the human body is exposed to space without a spacesuit. Before I get to my point (which is anime related) let me explain the article in a few words:

    Basically if you are exposed to space, a number of these things would happen before you died. All of these things do occur though even after you die. You will swell up first, burn, your genes would mutate, you would then pass out (if you haven’t yet), and your lungs would explode if you held your breathe. If you want to know how and why these things would happen, I suggest you read the article. Of course when I read this article I immediately thought of Cowboy Bebop. To be more specific, episode Heavy Metal Queen.



    Spike happens to jump into space to reach another ship for safety. Guess what? He was in space for roughly 30 seconds and holding his breathe. Of course he would have a few minutes before he died, but he would have passed out within 15 seconds. Since he was holding his breathe as well, his lungs would have exploded, killing him quicker. Since he was in an area that was somewhat protected from the sun, he probably would not have burned. Of course there are those other nasty rays and radiation in space that would have mutated his DNA, giving him cancer even if he did survive.

    Now Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime and I hate to find flaws in it, but they do occur. One such as this is not that bad. Maybe they had different genetics at this point since man would have evolved according to surroundings. Maybe the creators thought a few more seconds wouldn’t hurt or maybe they thought no one would notice? Perhaps it was because they were in the abandoned mine and the creators thought that would add more time to his survival rate? Whatever the case, Spike would probably still have bad health issues after that exposure.