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  • Sword of the Stranger (Movie) Review

    Sword of the Stranger Review

    Cover Art for Sword of the Stranger

    The cover art for Sword of the Stranger was honestly one of the main reasons why I watched this movie. Another reason was the fact that the anime movie had to do with samurai… got to love those fights, don’t you? Anyways, I am glad I ended up watching it. The story was especially touching and made me smile, well, only part of it. The friendship part.


    The Plot of Sword of the Stranger

    When the boy meets the rounin

    Sword of the Stranger seems to focus on three main things: friendship, trust, and betrayal. A young boy is forced to leave his home, a temple, due to the fact that some Chinese people, known as “Ming,” are after him. He moves to an abandoned temple along with his dog and stays there, surviving on stolen food. One day, after returning from a successful job of getting some food, he finds a rounin sleeping inside of the temple. The boy attempts to get him to leave, but fails. He continues on with his task of preparing his food, hoping that the samurai will eventually leave. The dog, however, takes a liking to the samurai and offers him his food. Soon after, some men sneak up in search of the boy. The rounin defends the boy and kills almost everyone there. The boy, realizing he will need assistance to survive, hires the samurai to take him to another temple, one where he knows the people that stay there. The bond between the boy and samurai grows overtime, resulting in a long-lasting friendship, though the boy has his doubts about the rounin at first.


    The Characters of Sword of the Stranger

    Nanashi, Kotarou, and Tobimaru

    The three main characters in Sword of the Stranger are Kotarou, Nanashi, and Tobimaru. Kotarou is the young boy of Sword of the Stranger. He claims to have a short temper and has a tendency to over-exaggerate things. He is wanted by the Chinese for a special reason that he will not tell the samurai. Tobimaru is Kotarou’s dog and best friend. Kotarou will do almost anything for Tobimaru and loves him dearly. Tobimaru is a sweet dog, but can also fight if Kotarou is in danger or the time calls for it. He also takes an immediate liking to Nanashi, the samurai. Nanashi has an unknown past that is only shown through flashbacks. He does not like to use his sword to fight and keeps it tied to the sheath. He explains that his name, Nanashi (meaning “nameless”) was chosen by him because he changes his name very often. He chooses to protect and aid Kotarou in his travels, not knowing what he is getting himself into.


    The Background Music of Sword of the Stranger

    Battle between Nanashi and a Ming

    An amazing part of Sword of the Stranger is definitely the background music. It gives off such a good feel and clearly demonstrates the feeling that is supposed to be felt in the anime. It can make someone feel from happy to sad to… I do not really know how to describe another one of the feelings I felt in the anime. For those of you who have watched the movie, or plan to watch it, it was during the scene that everyone is racing to the fort where the Ming are. I almost want to call it proud, but that is not at all the word I am looking for. It just made me feel… amazing. Again, I can’t really describe it.

    Sword of the Stranger is an amazing movie that I would recommend to anyone who likes stories involving action and a strong friendship bond. It is definitely one of those anime that makes you feel a ton of emotions at once, and gives you an amazing feeling at the end.

    Overall Score: 9/10