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  • Say “I Love You.” (Anime) Review

    Say “I Love You.” Review

    Say “I Love You.” Cover

    Say “I Love You.” is one of those simplistic romantic anime involving a couple and some drama. In my mind, it does a good and accurate job of portraying a “normal” high-school couple. Say “I Love You,” also known as Sukitte Ii na yo, falls into the same category of anime as Peach Girl and Kaichou wa Maid-sama: school life, romance, and shoujo.


    Say “I Love You.” Plot

    The guy getting kicked

    The plot in this anime was not at all rushed and did a good job at pacing the relationship between the two protagonists. The relationship between them begins when the guy’s friend attempts to make a move on the girl, causing the girl to think it was the guy and kiss him. The guy attempts to talk to the girl, but she ignores him. However, later in Say “I Love You,” the girl needs the guys to come help her with a stalker. The guy comes and kisses the girl in order to protect her from a stalker. She takes the kiss as a sign that he cared about her, so was disappointed when she found out that he has a girlfriend and has kissed everyone in the school but his girlfriend. She then proceeds to follow him when he decides to hang out with some friends and his girlfriend after school, waiting for him to leave the building he was in with his girlfriend. However, he leaves by himself and notices the girl right away. He then proves his love to her through multiple kisses and they decide to get to know each other better, leading up to them going out. Once they are going out, they encounter several obstacles that end up strengthening their relationship in the long run.


    Say “I Love You.” Characters

    Guys (left to right): Kenji Nakanishi, Yamato Kurosawa, Masashi Tachikawa, Girls (left to right): Asami Oikawa, Mei Tachibana, Aiko Mutou

    In Say “I Love You,” there is really only the two protagonists, their family and their friends. The girl in the couple is Mei Tachibana. She is very shy, quiet, and introverted. Before meeting her future boyfriend, she had no friends due to a betrayal in her past that is not really touched on. The boy is called Yamato Kurosawa. He is outgoing and friendly, as well as caring. He likes to make girls feel happy and better about themselves, hence the reason why he has kissed so many of them. He also hates rejecting them or refusing to do something with/for them. The other couples in the anime, who are also Mei’s and Yamato’s friends, are Asami Oikawa and Kenji Nakanishi, an interesting couple involving a perverted guy and a girl who is big in certain places (I am trying to think of how to say it politely…); Aiko Mutou and Masashi Tachikawa, a strong, somewhat cold-hearted girl and a loving guy; and, they are not necessarily a couple but I think something could form from it, Megumi Kitagawa and Kai Takemura, a famous model and a really strong and athletic guy.


    Say “I Love You.”

    Mei and Yamato

    The title of this anime makes it sound like it would be a cute romantic anime, which it is. As I mentioned before, the girl in the couple, Mei, is very introverted. She does not show much affection towards Yamato and usually does not respond in any way when he shows some affection towards her, other than blushing. In fact, for majority of Say “I Love You,” she chooses to not even tell anyone that they are dating. When Yamato told Mei that he loves her, she did not reply with “I love you too.” Instead, she just turned away blushing. Yamato then decided to make it his goal to make Mei say that she loves him, which is why the title is Say “I Love You.”

    Say “I Love You.” is a really sweet and realistic romance anime. It did a good job of executing the plot in a way that was not rushed, as well as add a bit of trouble for the couple to overcome. At times, it was a bit frustrating, but other than those few moments where you think “Just do it,” it turned out to be a relatively good romance.

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    Overall Score: 7/10