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  • Vampire Knight: Cross Academy

    Cross Academy

    Cross Academy is a strange school. Both Day Class and Night Class are held for certain reasons. At twilight, the two classes cross paths. Two Guardians of the school, Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu, are standing guard so the two classes do not interact. The reason for all of this is because the people of the Night Class are vampires. Kaien Cross created the school with the help of a vampire (and leader of the Night Class) Kaname Kuran. Kaien created the school due to a bargain. At one point he was after the Kuran family and intended to kill them. He was defeated and made the Cross Academy.

    At the Cross Academy there are certain rules, the main one being that vampires are not allowed to drink human blood. At some point, certain vampires give in and drink blood. They are punished harshly by Kaname. Another rule for the Night Class is that the Day Class can not know they are vampires. This again has been broken before, and the humans memory erased by Kaname. If they knew of this, then people would stay away from the academy. The main goal of Cross Academy is to have humans and vampires work together. Kaien is trying to create this at his academy. The Guardians are the only two ‘humans’ that know about the Night Class. They are their to make sure that the Day Class doesn’t sneak around at night to take a look at them. Kaien creates shifts for the two to work at nights.


    The Day Class

    This term is mostly used to represent the humans that go the school during the day. They idolize both the girls and boys of the Night Class. They do not know the secret of the Night Class. They make up the majority of the school in numbers. They live in the Sun Dorm and have a curfew of twilight.

    The Sun Dorm is one of two dormitories for the students. There are two separate buildings for the girls and for the boys. There is a representive for both the male and female buildings. The Sun Dorm’s furniture is not as good looking as the Night Dorm’s. The Sun Dorm is more humble looking.

    Their uniform worn by the Day Class is mostly consisted of black and red colors. The males wear a black jacket, pants, vest, a red tie, and a white shirt. Their buttons and cuff links are customized roses. The females wear a black jacket, skirt, socks, boots, a red ribbon, and a white shirt. They also have the rose buttons and cuff links.


    The Night Class

    The Night Class is composed of aristocratically vampires. They are separated from the Day Class to keep them from temptation. Kaname is the leader of the Night Class. Since they are vampires, they take classes at night. The Night Class was closed temporarily, at which point the ‘students’ had to go back home. They live in the Moon Dorm.

    The Moon Dormitory is where the vampires live and sleep during the day. At first they stayed in the old staffing building until a new building could be built. The Moon Dorm is very much like the vampires, aristocratic. They have a double stair case, a grand living room, and very nice furniture. Kaname is the only one to have his own room.

    The Night Class keep their uniforms extremely clean. Their uniforms mostly compose of the same colors of the Day Class. The only difference is instead of black the uniform is mostly white with black lining. They as well have the rose cuff links and buttons.