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  • Sword Art Online: Girls Ops (Manga) Review

    Girls Ops Ring of Angels Whisper

    Sword Art Online
    Angel NPC

    This item is a familiar to Lizbeth and Silica. Its origins is Sword Art Online. The description reads “Grants Eternal Bonds Between The Companions Who Exchanges Them.” Silica received one from Kirito during the SAO incident. His only intentions were to keep track of Silica and used it like a phone. To acquire the rings one must go through te Demonic Beast at the Abandoned Tower. Apparently it is a bunny like monster, but the new ALO version has stepped the game up a bit.


    When, and if, this manga continues, it will be great. The manga story and feeling was much like Reki Kawahara. The writer knew how to get in touch with Kawahara’s story telling. Recreating a new story and keeping the tone is very hard sometimes. This manga is not one to miss out one, even if it is not finished.

    Sword Art Online Girls Ops Grade: 8 out of 10