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  • SWOT (Manga) Review

    SWOT Manga Review


    I discovered this manga through the help of a certain friend on Myanimelist.net. It immediately grabbed my attention because of the very interesting plot. I was also curious since a lot of reviews in MAL was all about how it actually sucks. Even though, I decided to give it a try. I don’t want to be like the majority of fans that decides on whether to pick a certain manga or anime because of its popularity or not.
    Before I proceed to the plot review, let me first define SWOT for those who are wondering whether it is just a random word. SWOT is actually a British informal word that means to study assiduously. You can use this verb as an adjective which is the case in this manga.


    Plot of SWOT

    Score 6/10


    Manabizaki Kyou is a transfer student, but he is also a SWOT. He dreams to one day attend Tokyo University and from there work for NASA. The new school he transferred to is suppose to be a very prestigious school. Before he transfer, though, the school took in a bunch of delinquent students. Now the school is full of gangs and violent fights.

    Manabizaki just so happens to be a skilled fighter though. He is very particular at defending his study area. Iwashida, a weak boy, befriends Manabizaki as well as a legendary delinquent, Hasuno Nene. She happens to make him feel certain feelings for the first time, making him confused.

    Let me now review the plot. Just like any other shounen, the main guy is pretty ambitious. He wants to pass the so-called National exam to fulfill his dream of working for NASA. To be honest with you guys, we kind of share the same dream, that’s why it really did interest me. The main character is referred to as a SWOT. He does not give any attention to anything or anyone that he thinks is not in any way related to his dream. The plot is definitely nice. The fights weren’t so bad. It actually has incredible fight scenes. You’ll really admire our main character by the way he fights. Since he is the ultimate SWOT in the school, he uses certain aspects of Physics. Yes, Physics. The science subject that most of us hates, even I hate it. So yeah, he did use the concept of free fall, projectile motions and also other stuff. Our main character is actually strong.

    Oh by the way, romance is also included in this one. Love at first sight, to be specific. It’s actually a good combination of comedy, romance and action. Like any other shounen. It is my first time reading this kind of plot though. The manga is only about 20 chapters. It’s quite nice to see a short manga that is action-packed. It is also interesting due to the fact that the main characters got mixed with all the delinquents fight. It is definitely worth the read. I did enjoy reading this one.


    Characters of SWOT


    Manabazaki Kyou is the one and the only SWOT. Our main character. He is a smart person and most likely to fulfill his dream. Despite the confusion, he is now trying to monopolize the delinquents so as to achieve his dream of having a peaceful study area. I am neutral when it comes to his personality. He isn’t so appealing though. Let’s just say that at first he is the typical tsundere and annoying person in a series. There was a sudden 180 after he met Nene though.

    Hasuno Nene is Manabazaki dream girl. She is not really smart, actually, a bit behind. She is also a great character. Kyou and her are a perfect fighting duo. Her personality is a bit interesting as well. At first you’ll think of her as the typical strong willed character. I was surprised she wasn’t like that at all. A misunderstood character.


    The Art of SWOT

    Score 3/5


    The art isn’t really that great. It somehow reminded me of all the shounen that I have seen and read. I was a bit confused at first since the first one I read Kyou has white hair, but suddenly becomes red. I wasn’t aware that there was an alternative version of it.

    All in all, this manga is a 6/10 for me. It was interesting and worth the read. I recommend it to those who want to read a short yet action filled shounen. Enjoy and happy reading!