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  • Chaos;Head (Anime) Review

    Chaos;Head Anime Review

    Takumi and the Girls

    (Warning may contain slight spoilers)

    I first saw Chaos;Head on Netflix and being an anime lover I try to watch almost anything and everything that comes onto Netflix. This anime has a real love hate relationship for me because there are many things that I really love about this anime but there are some things that I do not like.


    Plot of Chaos;Head

    Takumi and the Murders

    Now before I start my review I will be giving you some basic background information for Chaos;Head. It starts off with us meeting the show main male protagonist named Takumi Nishijou and he has always felt a strange sensation that someone is always watching (such as a character showing symptoms of being a Neet). He has been trying to keep away from people as much as possible and spend all his time in his home where he is surrounded by all the things he loved or going to his favorite internet café where he can be alone.

    One day while he was going to class one of his classmates asked him if he heard about the new gen case that has been going on. He had no idea and neither did he want to know because he enjoyed living in his blissful ignorant world. One day while he was in his favorite online chat room he got a message from a mysterious man who called himself the general and with the general message came a picture that would change poor Takumi life and rattle his very existence. He meets many new people in his adventure such as Rimi Sakihata who he blamed of being a murderer. He also manages to meet Nanami who has always been his sister but he did not know that she actually had powers like he did and two more girls who just seem to come out of nowhere their names where Aoi and Orihara. Then he meets the final member the final member of their strange team of power warriors as the main singer to a punk rock group and her name is Ayase the one who must try and help Takumi gain a grasp on his powers.


    Opinion of Chaos;Head

    Sena Aoi and her D Sword

    Chaos;Head does have some very good qualities such as amazing characters including an otaku for the main male protagonist. It also incorporates many cute girls into the series which is never a bad thing in an anime. It also manages to scare you out of your mind while also amaze you with some of the sheer creepy and messed up things about this anime. There are a few things that I do not like about this anime such as how some of the key concepts that you don’t have to know but really add more depth  to the anime series if you d know these facts but usually cannot be easily grasp on your first run through Chaos;Head. I have seen the anime two or three times and I have just barely started to gain knowledge on some of the harder to obtain facts about the anime that I thought would have made the series so much better if I would have been able to figure these facts out from the beginning it would make the anime.

    Chaos;Head does end up showing some amazing powers in it such as a mystical sword called a D-Sword which is a sword that can be used to distort the reality to the whim of the controller. There are not many people that can use these swords in fact it is used by a select group of strong warriors who must try and save the world from a great catastrophe.

    This anime even with some of its flaws is still a very good serious and that is why I will give it a 4 out of 5 stars for its fresh ideas used in the series and for its amazing way to push you away while drawling you in to watch the anime more and more as you keep watching. I highly recommend that you see this anime if you own Netflix and to still see it even if you do not have Netflix.