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  • Tenchi Muyo: Keys

    Tenchi Muyo: Keys

    This is an item that helps one access the power of Jurai by a Royal Tree. The user is bonded to a tree and no one else can use it without the bonders permission. The sap from the royal tree is processed and converted into jewelry (or other things) making the key. By using the key, the bonder has access to the Light Hawk Wings which happens to be a force that is extremely powerful.

    Types of Keys

    Master Key

    This key was created from the first generation of Royal Trees. They can control all tree ships and can create a sword by harnessing the Light Hawk Wings. Tenchi’s sword is a good example of harnessing the powerful force.


    This Master key is used by those bonded to Prince Yosho’s tree. This key can control most of the tree ships. Only those of Juraian noble blood can use this key. It is said to have been carved from Tsunami-no-ki’s branch, the first generation tree.

    Normal Keys

    Normal keys are used from trees that were grown after the trees of the first generation. Those who use these keys can create the Light Hawk Wings, but only for defensive purposes. They are clearly not as powerful as Master keys.

  • Character of the Week: Washu


    Continuity: OVA (and surrounding materials), Tenchi Universe (and surrounding movies), Tenchi in Tokyo, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Magical Project S, Sasami: Mahou Shoujo Club

    Nicknames: The Greatest Scientific Genius in the Universe!!!

    Age: Older than all of existence (OVA), Unknown (Universe, Tokyo, all Sasami series (Appears 12 in child form and 30 in adult form)

    Species: Chousin (OVA), Unknown humanoid (Universe & Tokyo), Human (all Sasami series)

    Occupation: Scientist, Omnidimensional goddess (OVA), Reformed space pirate (Tokyo), Science teacher (Sammy & Project S), Cooking and magic teacher (MSC)


    Tenchi series: Tsunami (sister, OVA), Tokimi (sister, OVA), Ryoko Hakubi (creation/daughter, OVA), Mikamo Kuramitsu (ex-husband, OVA), Mikumo Kuramitsu (son, OVA), Sasami Masaki Jurai (sister via assimilation to Tsunami, OVA), Ryo-Ohki (creation/daughter, OVA), Fuku (creation/daughter, OVA via GXP), Mitoto Kuramitsu (great-granddaughter, OVA), Mihoshi Kuramitsu (great-great-granddaughter, OVA), Misao Kuramitsu (great-great-grandson, OVA), Minagi (creation/daughter [as Ryoko’s clone], Okuda manga)

    In the Tenchi Muyo! metaseries, Washu is an important character. Though depending on the series her character changes slightly. It is hard to fool her character and she often relies on technology rather than her own powers. She creates an inter-dimensional laboratory at the Masaki’s house in all three series.

    Her name is an ancient, Osaka region, Japanese name.Her hair is also linked to Osaka. It originally comes from a costume in the Noh plays, resembling crab claws. Red crab is a specialty food of Osaka. A red crab logo will also appear on a lot of her apparel and merchandise.

  • Anime of Week: Tenchi Muyo

    Tenchi Muyo

    Tenchi Muyo! is a Japanese franchise consisting of light novels, mangas, and animes. It began with Masaki Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi in September of 1992. They created Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki and aired 6 episodes with two specials. Kenichi Yatani directed two separate OVAs in 1994 and 2003. In 1995 a 26 episode anime was created, Tenchi Universe. It not only was a retelling of the original story, but went more into detail. In 1997, Tenchi in Tokyo was created as an alternate story to the Tenchi series. The newest anime, Ai Tenchi Muyo! aired on the channel Tokyo Mix in 2014. There are several spin-offs and manga adaptions as well in the franchise.

    The story generally follows a male member of the Masaki family. A group of girls will somehow end up at their doorstep along with a mission. Most of the stories of the main arcs follow Tenchi Masaki and the group of girls Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi, and Washu.