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  • The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye (Anime) Review

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Review

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, or The Third, is an underrated anime that teaches important life lessons without making them seem as if they are a lecture. The plot is original and the characters are both fun and loveable. Though comedic, the anime does have its times where it gets serious. From time to time, The Third will also show someone’s sad past. At times, the series does seem to drag, but the ending of the series is absolutely worth waiting for.


    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Plot

    One of the members of “The Third”

    The plot of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye centers on a cheerful girl who is a “jack-of-all-trades.” She travels the desert inside of a tank, completing different jobs assigned to her. She meets several different people who choose to travel with her, occasionally helping her with her jobs. While Honoka is traveling the desert, other things are occurring. The Third is a race of human beings who rules all other human beings. They prohibit certain forms of technology and will punish anyone who attempts to break the rules they have set down regarding technology. They appeared after a major technological war and had h0ped to be able to erase all signs of the war. However, Honoka does encounter a few of them while working, therefore making her an important person to The Third.


    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye Characters

    From right to left: Iks, Honoka, Millie, Paifu. In the background: Bogie

    Honoka is the main character of The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye, and a “jack-of-all-trades.” Her nickname is “Sword Dancer,” as her movements with her sword are fluid and graceful. She travels in a tank run by a computer machine named Bogie. Bogie acts like a father figure to Honoka and takes care of her, as well as watches out for her. While Honoka has a tendency to rush into dangerous situations, Bogie is a bit more cautious. Iks is one of Honoka’s friends. She meets him in the desert one night, where he requested to travel with her. He wantsto be able to see the rest of the desert and try to gain a better understanding of “this world.” Paifu is another one of Honoka’s friends, though she meets Honoka when someone asks her to accompany Honoka on a job. Paifu does not like Iks at all, as she claims she “hates men.” Millie is a young girl who is the daughter of the man that took in Honoka when Honoka was young. They treat each other almost like sisters, and Millie sometimes accompanies Honoka on her travels.


    Technos Taboo

    An item that violates the Technos Taboo

    Technos Taboo is a serious limitation on technology enforced by The Third. In order to protect humans, it was made to limit the amount of technology humans have access to. It also limits the type of machines that humans can create. Breaking the Technos Taboo can result in many forms of punishment, depending on the severity of the crime involving it. Some people have been dragged off and interrogated, others executed on the spot, while a few lucky people just get off by giving up their mechanic license. Several forms of technology that break the Technos Taboo are leftover from the war, but are hidden from the public.

    The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye is a wonderful watch that contains a bit of every genre. The artwork is (for the most part) good and the anime contains amazing fighting scenes. It is a great anime that should become more well-known.

    Overall Score: 9/10