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  • Could it Exist: The Three Dimensional Gear

    Could Three Dimensional Gear Exist?


    Hello everyone, Flint here. If you’ve watched Attack on Titan then you have different heard about the Three Dimensional Maneuver or also known as the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment or the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear. It is a set of gear developed by humans that allows great mobility when facing the Titans in combat. The gear allows the user to fight in a 3D space as opposed to a 2D one. The gear itself takes the form of a body harness that encompasses much of the body below the neck. Although the Gear can grant a skilled user tremendous mobility, it is a demanding art that requires strength, and skill, both of which must be honed through constant practice. Some tools involved in the apparatus include:


    •Piston-shot grapple-hooks

    •Gas powered mechanism

    •Iron Wire Propeller with Plug in Blades

    Many people like myself, have always wondered if something like this could be created today. However, it’s not about whether it can be created its about whether it can be functional. Your answer to that may be very disappointing.

    Here are a few reasons why this device would not be invented and why it would not be functional:

    •There is no way you could store so much energy in the form of pressurized gas. Pressurized containers by the way are also incredibly heavy, not something you want to fly around with.

    •Wire management. The biggest problem here is that you also cannot keep your wires in a high tension state nor can you wind them back too quickly after disengaging. If you don’t know what I’m talking about go get a tape measure, pull it all out and let it go free while holding the body in your hands. Now try that with a heavy sharp steel tip with steel blade hooks and grooved steel cable. It’s nasty just thinking about it.

    •Cost and availability. Creating devices like this would cost a very large amount of money and soldiers who would use them might die immediately after entering the battlefield. It would waste a lot of money in our economy.

    •Angle and acceleration. If you’ve studied vectors and trigonometry in math or physics you should realize how difficult it will be to get air born with such a device by shooting your grappling hook forward instead of straight up. Because the upward component of the angle of acceleration must be larger than Earth’s gravity for this to work. And if you shoot almost horizontally like they do sometimes, the force quickly get extremely large (infinite at completely horizontal of course), assuming you don’t want to loose altitude in the process. You could easily generate multiple Gs of acceleration, how do you hold on to your full steel swords? and heavy pressurized containers? Are leather straps enough for such extreme conditions?

    •Once you get up to those kinds of speed and acceleration, the next obvious problem is how to slow down. Never mind swinging at hundreds of km/H, even a simple swing from a small angle into a hard surface is very hazardous if you don’t push against it prepared, with your feet. Considering that these people don’t even wear any helmets or joint protection, any kind of collision will immediately disable if not kill you.

    •One of the big problems with controlling this device would be shooting the grappling hook. The characters in the anime can magically aim their grappling hooks with extreme precision even though they seem to be firmly attached to their hip, but realistically that would be very hard to accomplish. Also note that the hooks fly much slower than bullets which would give a huge advantage for an enemy trying to shoot you down.

    •Hook shooting, simply put, there is no way you could shoot those grappling hooks with such force with mechanical energy, a gunpowder device is required. Remember they are shooting steel hooks attached with steel cable. The whole thing would’ve weighed tens of kilograms fully extended. This, of course also means that the grappling hooks themselves would be more destructive than any other hand held weapon they have in the series. You could just use the grappling hook for a weapon in combat.

    •Possibly the main reason why this device would not be created is the development of it. It doesn’t matter what miracle mechanics you employ, even if it works exactly like shown in the anime, with the hooks shooting perfectly, with automatic aim, incredible winch and integrated computers to control for safety and such. One simple problem will still make it useless: How do you make sure that your hook will actually catch on? Because often they swing with a single hook, and if that were to fail, you would either collide into a break wall or fall to your death. There is of course no way to reliably engage or disengage the hooks simply because of the wide range of surfaces and situations they will encounter, without being able to change the heads. What if you hit steel plating on wooden structure? What if you hit corroded weak cement on a building ? What if you didn’t hit anything? All of these could happen at any moment, with every swing, and each of them could very likely be fatal. In short, the Three Dimensional Manoeuvre Gear just would not work well in the natural world.

    So in conclusion, it could be somewhat invented, but it would not work according to it’s anime self. But we need to remember, we are trying to create safer ways for equipping soldiers in battle, not complex, useless and dangerous ways.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my first blog in my new series on this profile. If you enjoyed it please leave me some feedback because I would love to hear some. Thank you for your time!

    ~Flint the Theorist