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  • Akihabara: The Electronic City

    Akihabara – Electronic City!

    This will be a new series of blogs in which I will ramble and introduce the many sites and cities in Japan. Akihabara…is probably a very familiar name to our ears, and why? Well, gin, it’s because it’s at the heart of the anime culture duh!!
    Haha, I knew that. Moving on, gin did some work and let’s get right into it shall we? That was not a euphemism!

    Background Facts/History

    Akihabara is found in the district of Chiyoda in Tokyo. The name Akihabara is actually a shortening of Akibagahara which means the autumn leaf field.


    Because in 1869, the area was destroyed by a large fire. Furthermore, the city is named after the shrine, for fire fighting/prevention of future fires. Before the symbol of otaku culture it now symbolizes, the old Akihabara was an area for household goods as well as home to black markets which specialized in selling radio components after WWII.

    Modern Day?

    Now Akihabara is home to the anime culture and the dreamland for anime fans universally. It is also a shopping district for many computer goods.

    Akihabara Sights

    Let’s get more comfortable with Akihabara shall we? After all, it’s such a buzzing city! And you bubbas would probably be more interested in the actual anime influences, si? All around Akihabara you can see many anime characters on adverts and billboards as well as many maids that wander the streets handing out leaflets.

    Yodobashi Akihabara (Electronics Store)

    A giant department store for every type of electronics, with 9 stories of fun!

    Staff are well learned of many of the features in the store.

    Prices for items can sometimes be negotiated, but don’t count on it.

    1st floor: mainstream electronics

    6th floor: figures and collectibles

    7th floor: reflexology salon

    8th floor: restaurants

    9th floor: golf and batting centre

    Mandarake (Collectibles)

    Pronounced Man-da-ra-kei.
    Eight floors of anime, characters, manga, and tv superheroes.
    Mandarske is one of the biggest stores for collectibles, with branches in shibuya and nakano.

    AKB48 and Gundam Cafe

    These two cafés are relatively close

    To each other and are near the Akihabara railway station.

    AKB48 Cafe:

    AKB48, as you probably know is a very jpop girl group and funnily enough has 48 members, but that’s a blog for another time.

    AKB48 has it roots in Akihabara, hence the the AKB. Here customers can indulge in cute food and drinks. The cafe attracts many different age groups, such as young female fans and older boys.

    Gundam Cafe:

    Gundam is an anime and features giant mobile suits piloted by humans. 
    Staff will be dressed in the Gundam uniform, they will also snap a salute occasionally. The food is also Gundam themed.

    The Kanda Myolin Shrine

    Akihabara’s local shrine, it is in close proximity of the city and everyday the shrine is incredibly busy. Busy because many of the related firms or venues come to ask for a blessing and good luck.

    Don Quilote/Donki Hote

    Is a shop that is not only situated in Akihabara but also a chain store that is well known for selling a variety of different items. Similar to the Donki houses, the famous AKB48 theatre has live performances every five days. However, if you aren’t a fan of AKB48, you can still visit as the Donki has a lot of influence over pop culture.

    Japanese Clothing Shops 

    As Alihabara is the anime central, it isn’t a surprise that many shops will sell merchandise for favorite characters.
    Many people in Alihabara will be in anime themed outfits and people won’t be judgemental.
    Quick Activities To Do In Akihabara:

    ✷ eat curry, rice, or curry bread

    ✷ go to an underground jpop concert, where idols will sing
    ✷ visit a weapon store. You can play with the shutikens and katana, but try not to hurt anyone.

    ✷ talk to a Lolita in Akihabara

    ✷ dress up in a cod play and then sing in a karaoke
    Akihabara is a very fun place to enjoy and the back streets are also a dream to explore.

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